Kate Garraway shares heartwarming Derek Draper update as he makes an adorable comment about her new dress

Kate Garraway has shared an amazing update about her husband Derek Draper’s health after a long Covid battle

Kate Garraway
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Kate Garraway has shared a heartwarming update about her husband Derek Draper’s health as he recovers from long Covid. 

In March 2020, Kate Garraway’s husband Derek Draper was diagnosed with Covid-19 and admitted to hospital. Recently, Kate revealed that she was ‘over the moon and overwhelmed' by husband Derek Draper's return home after a year in the hospital. Kate has now shared a heartwarming update about her husband’s recovery as she told a lovely anecdote on Good Morning Britain. 

Kate said that she loved having Derek home and she could see that his cognition was improving. “It’s been wonderful having Derek at home, and[there are] lots of little positives I think. Whether those are positives because it is genuinely helping his cognition to be at home, or whether it's just I’m there to see the little things, I don't know," she said.

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She then told a sweet anecdote about how Derek noticed that she was wearing a new item of clothing. "It feels positive to have little moments of reaction and he actually said something the other day. I walked in the other morning, just before I left to go to Smooth [Radio], to say 'I’m off to Smooth now' and he said, 'new dress?' which was just amazing - and it was actually!” she laughed.

Good Morning Britain co-host Adil Ray joked and asked if she had “turned around and said ‘no I’ve worn this many times before!’”

“And had a go at him?” said Kate as she laughed and said, “No, no, I thought that was amazing on so many levels because he recognized it, secondly he realized and remembered that I need a lot of flattery, so there was some emotional connection there!” She laughed with Susanna Reid and Adil as she concluded, “It was just a little moment.”

Susanna Reid also chipped in with her support and suggested that she must feel relieved to not rely on technology to communicate anymore. “But what a relief to have him there, back in the heart of the family, and not having to deal with everything through facetime. Not just communicating with Derek on facetime but also he must benefit so much from just having your presence there,” said Susanna.

Kate replied, “I hope so,” and went on to thank the doctors and nurses, and carers working for the NHS who have had to work so hard during the pandemic. 

Fans were delighted to hear about Derek's recovery. One fan said, "Absolutely lovely to hear. Being back at home will benefit all especially Derek as it will help to give him the inspiration, motivation, safety, security & love of his family around him." 

Another commented, "So lovely to hear that however big or small there are improvements, being home in his own surrounding and loving family every day will help. Stay strong all of you, you're amazing. Xx"

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