Kate Garraway receives a touching act of kindness as her husband spends his second Easter in hospital

Kate Garraway has revealed a neighbour’s touching act of kindness as she shares a message of hope with fans

Kate Garraway
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Kate Garraway has shared a message of hope with her fans after receiving a generous act of kindness from a neighbour as she celebrates her second Easter without her husband Derek. 

In March 2020, Kate Garraway's husband Derek Draper was admitted into hospital with COVID-19, where he has remained hospitalised for the past year. Kate Garraway has just celebrated her second Easter without her husband Derek but has still been able to share a message of hope with her fans. 

Kate took to Instagram to share her neighbour's heartwarming act of kindness. Kate’s neighbour, who they nickname 'Cakesuzy,' brought the family a homemade cake for Easter. The GMB presenter posted an image of her neighbour with the cake and wrote on Instagram, “Our day started with sun shining and our wonderful neighbour who we call “Cakesuzy” bringing round the most amazing #easter cake ever she had made herself !!”

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Kate also revealed that although Derek is still in hospital, she still had a lot to be thankful for. Kate said in her caption “#happyeaster everyone - so hard that it’s the second we’ve lived through in Lockdown/restrictions and of course our second without Derek home with us. But he is still here so we have so much to give thanks for and there’s lots to hope for isn’t there."

Kate then shared a second post that revealed a second act of kindness that she received on Easter Sunday. Kate posted an image of herself and her children in a car with some Easter eggs. The caption read, “Then the day got even better - thanks to the fantastic gang @peugeotuk who have loaned me this car after “Vickie Volvo “ was pinched we are mobile again! It arrived just in the nick of time for us to deliver some #eastereggs to friends. Lovely to be out and about a little bit.”

Kate wished he fans well as she wrote, “Hope you have all had a lovely day & are stuffed full of chocolate #easter #hope #nearlythere.”

Fans loved this positive message from the presenter and many took to social media to wish her well. One fan commented, “Happy Easter you wonderful lady. I truly feel that we can all learn so much and take from your love and strength for Derek and your family.” Another said, “Amazing for you and the family. Hats off to Peugeot wonderful gesture.”

Kate Garraway has recently been open about her struggles since her husband’s diagnosis. In a recent documentary, ‘Kate Garraway: Finding Derek,’ Kate revealed some devastating truths about the realities of living with Long Covid. Kate also recently revealed how the kindness of friend Emma Willis helped her through dark times during Christmas 2020.

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