Kate Beckinsale's dirty humor has fans and celebrity friends in stitches

Kate Beckinsale's latest photos have sent her loyal followers into hysterics

Kate Beckinsale's butt joke photos have fans and celebrity friends in stitches
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Kate Beckinsale has introduced a whole new meaning to the term 'cheeky' humor with her latest social media posts, much to the delight of her adoring fans. 

The English actor has always had a flair for comedy, and thankfully, it looks like it hasn't gone anywhere over lockdown. 

Kate shared a hilarious Instagram photo of herself and three male coworkers wearing matching t-shirts with the slogan, "No one likes a soggy bottom", on Wednesday, proving butt jokes are well and truly back in fashion. 

She even captioned the snap, "One of us is lying", sending her legion of fans into a guessing game to work out just who that may be. The witty post, which many UK folks will recognize as a Great British Bakeoff reference, was quickly flooded with comments—causing almost as much of a stir as the debut of Kate Beckinsale's dramatic new look in March. Paris Hilton even chimed in to the discussion, offering her stamp of approval with a laughing cat emoji. 

If you thought that was enough butt jokes for one day, you'd be wrong. Kate kept the momentum going by sharing another risky quip just two hours later, posting a photo of what appears to be instructions from a manual. 

Out of context, however, it's hard to tell what exactly it's instructing its users to do. Its sixth step, which is photographed in isolation, reads, 'Insert swap tip into bottom hole'—a guideline that could be found on anything from an STI testing kit to a creative manual on how to have an orgasm. By the sound of the caption—'Righty ho'—we're willing to bet Kate was thinking of the latter. 

Seemingly bolstered by the first post, the fans of the Love & Friendship star were excited to comment. 

"Only if they buy me dinner first. Loljk," one follower replied. 

"Don't threaten me with a good time!" another wrote. 

Not everyone had their heads in the gutter though. A handful of followers was quick to suggest the instructions belonged to a COVID-19 rapid test, with some even speculating the name of the particular brand. And with the initial photo featuring a TV and film studio trailer in the background, this theory would certainly make sense. All jokes to the (back) side, here's hoping Kate gets a negative result. 

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