June Brown reveals her 100 Years Younger In 21 Days make-over

On ITV's show, 100 Years Younger in 21 Days, viewers have been left amazed with 91-year-old Eastenders actress June Brown.

And now, the final results have been revealed, and she looks absolutely amazing!

June's before photo (left) and her after photo (right), show the amazing effect of all the various treatments she undertook during the show.

For the experiment, she was joined by a host of younger famous faces, including Sherrie Hewson, Claire King, and Shaun Ryder.

While she has almost a good twenty years on the rest of the show's stars, it was June who impressed viewers the most, with her energetic and sporty persona, causing fans to take to Twitter to call her a 'legend'.

Here are just some ways in which thenonagenarian has proven she is the star of the show...

She's not afraid to try new things

Although it wouldn't be our first choice of skincare product, June proved that she's as brave as the next person, trying out an unusual choice of beauty treatment.

On the second episode of 100 Years Younger, the Eastenders actress joined Claire and Gogglebox star Sandra Martin, for a urine facial.

After peeing in a bottle, June and the celebrities dabbed the urine on their faces - and June was happy to give it a go if it helped her look younger.

Fans were quick to praise June for giving the odd facial a go on Twitter too. One wrote, "How brilliant is June Brown!? Willing to give anything a try, and just love her determination and commitment. Go June."

However, it seems Claire wasn't as keen, admitting that the treatment wasn't quite worth the results for her. She said, "I came up seven years older than I actually am, but if it involves putting urine on my face every day I will remain seven years older."

She is still amazingly fit at 91 years old

At the beginning of episode one, the stars were required to take part in an exercise assessment, to see where their fitness levels were at. And while most of the celebrities, including Sherrie and Shaun, slowly began to give up on the session, June powered on.

The actress - best known for playing Dot Cotton - outshone all the others, by doing stretches, press ups, and lunges with ease. And, if that wasn't enough, she even continued after the exercise session was over. To cool down, June quickly hopped in the outdoor pool, and proceeded to swim a few lengths. Amazing!

In the episode, June also gave viewers a snapshot of her workout routine at home, proving that she's as physically fit as some half her age. She showed off a few of her at-home yoga moves, including the tough post, The Bridge.

Viewers commented on June's amazing fitness, saying she was putting the rest of the stars to shame.

One said, 'June Brown is an absolute legend! Putting them all to shame! #100YearsYoungerin21Days'

While another agreed, 'how is #JuneBrown this fit at 90?! #100YearsYoungerin21Days'

She left everyone in fits of giggles

June also left her fellow celebs and viewers at home in fits of giggles during the first, hour-long episode, with her now-famous quick wit.

The stars were tasked with a rather unusual beauty treatment in order to give them the youthful glow they desire. The show's experts revealed that they would be having a 'snail facial', in order to reduce wrinkles and skin damage.

June immediately believed she'd misheard the strange treatment, saying, "Sorry, what? Did you say snails?" However, when the stars reassured her that it was in fact snails, she hilariously quipped, "I'll try it but I might remove it."

Later, when lying on the therapy table, she also left viewers in fits of giggles when she exclaimed of the snail, "I think it's had a wee!"

Viewers quickly took to social media to share how hilarious they found the veteran actress.

One said, 'June is the one!! Bloody hilarious!! Love her!! #100YearsYoungerin21Days'

While another agreed, commenting 'June brown though!! Very funny hope I age like you. #100YearsYoungerin21Days'

Her brain age is decades younger than her real age

In the show, celebrities were also given their different ages - including the physical age of their body, brain and face, as opposed to their actual age.

And if June hadn't impressed viewers enough, they couldn't quite believe it when she achieved a brain age of almost 30 years younger than her real age.

The switched-on star was told she had a brain age of just 59 - at 91.

One viewer wrote, 'Brain age of 59....actual age 91. The woman's a force of nature #junebrown #100YearsYoungerin21Days #dotbranning #EastEnders'

While another agreed, commenting, 'June Brown - What a Legend #100YearsYoungerin21Days'

100 Years Younger In 21 Days airs on Tuesdays at 9pm on ITV

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