Jessica Biel's parenting experience drove her to launch her drinks brand KinderFarms

The wellness-focused company offers a collection of all-natural juices and smoothies

Jessica Biel arrives to 'The Late Show With Stephen Colbert' at the Ed Sullivan Theater on August 15, 2018 in New York City.
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Jessica Biel is sick of being left clueless when it comes to reading the ingredients on the back of her kids' food and drinks. Through some research, she found that commonly used materials don't match her “values” as a mom, and decided to do something about it. Wanting to take matters into her own hands, she partnered with natural products entrepreneur Jeremy Adams and co-founded her new company, KinderFarms. 

“What started as two parents having a conversation about looking for clean, healthy, effective kid’s products turned into a full blown mission to bring KINDER options to families in the US! I’m so proud of this team and everything we’re building,” the actress announced on Instagram.

The wellness brand aims to provide all-natural drink alternatives for families that don’t use artificial sweeteners and flavors. The collection features a variety of electrolyte solutions and supplements that aim to “make kids feel better, so that the parents feel better, too,” according to the brand’s mission. 

Each formula was made with non-toxic ingredients and looks to give parents “healthier” options in the kids health and wellness industry. The drinks, called Kinderlyte, are free of artificial sweeteners, colors, or flavors. If you’re looking to upgrade your smoothie recipes, the brand also created protein shakes named Kindersprout, which are made with an organic plant-based formula. 

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After the birth of her second son, Phineas, Jessica found herself researching the ingredients in common food and drink options for kids. This helped spur her need for more, cleaner options as the ingredients used were something she wouldn’t put into her own body.

“We just said, 'You know what, we can do better than this,'" the actress said in an interview with PEOPLE. "It's like once you have the information and then you start to research different ingredients, you start to think more about like, 'Well, I wouldn't put that in my body. Why would I put it in my kid's body?'"

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Kids Oral Electrolyte Solution Fruit Punch, $29.95 | KinderFarms

Looking for an all-natural alternative to kid's drinks? This formula aims to provide a formula free of preservatives and artificial flavors, for a cleaner option.


Original Electrolyte Lemonade Powder, $27.95 | KinderFarms

When you're on the go pack one of these powder sticks to bring hydration with you almost anywhere you go.


Advanced Electrolyte Powder Lemon Lime, $24.95 | KinderFarms

For the athlete in your life, this drink was designed to provide ultimate hydration with 80% less sugar than most athletic drinks.

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