Is Adele married? Fans left shocked as singer refers to Rich Paul as her husband

Fans have been left asking is Adele married after she called long-term partner Rich Paul her husband at her latest Vegas show

Is Adele married? - Singer calls Rich Paul her husband at latest Vegas show
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We find ourselves asking again, is Adele married? Despite keeping her cards close to her chest when it comes to her personal life, during her most recent concert in Las Vegas, she may have just let something slip. 

Her Las Vegas residency has truly been the gift that keeps on giving. Not only has the singer revealed she wants another baby but she also admitted she had picked up a rather strange Christmas-themed addiction over the summer which left fans extremely baffled.

So, why are we left scratching our heads this time? Well, in yet another entertaining fan interaction Adele very casually referred to her long-term partner, American sports agent Rich Paul, as her husband. And this isn't the first time fans have found clues of the singers potential marriage.

Adele calls Rich Paul her husband - the couple at a basketball game

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Since their 2021 public debut at the NBA finals, the two have on occasion shared their romance and it's milestones. In December last year, Adele paused one of her shows to dedicate a special song to Paul, declaring she "loves him for than life itself."

Aside from this, the biggest romance news she has let us in on was the couple's step to move in together which she posted about on her Instagram over a year ago. This level of secrecy is why fans are so surprised at this recent revelation, has Adele been secretly married and for how long? 

The H-bomb was dropped after an adoring fan asked Adele to marry her during the singer's walk around the venue. Adele quickly rejected the fan, saying "You can't marry me, I'm straight my love. And my husband's here tonight." Despite this, the fan continued, asking Adele to 'try'.

"No I don't wanna try, I'm with Rich. You're crazy! Leave me alone," she replied as she hastily yet comically walked away. 


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Understandably, fans have swarmed to social media confused but overwhelmingly ecstatic for the Set Fire To The Rain singer. One user said, "MY WIFE GOT MARRIED AND I DIDN'T KNOW?!?" 

Most are simply excited to see Adele happy after what was a seemingly difficult relationship and divorce with ex-husband Simon Konecki. As she revealed in 2021 the difficult reason for leaving Konecki after promising their son Angelo a 'united family'. Her hit album 30 is said to have been predominantly inspired by her divorce and the emotional difficulties she faced afterwards. 

Adele is yet to clear any of this up but as always we're glad to see the songwriter loved up and can't wait to hear what she comes out with next! 

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