India Willoughby leaves This Morning viewers disgusted with 'vile' comments about migrants crossing the Channel

India Willoughby

India Willoughby left This Morning viewers in shock when she appeared on the chat show to discuss the topic of migrants crossing the English Channel today.

The journalist and TV personality was joined by Matthew Wright and presenters Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford for a conversation about the rise in migrants crossing the sea from France in order to seek asylum in the UK.

This month, record numbers of people crossing the Channel in small boats and dinghies have been reported.

When asked her opinion on the situation, India exclaimed, "Thank God for Nigel Farage! I’ll say it. The fact the French are escorting them over is awful. We’ve got Brexit and we’re leaving the EU."

Sharing her thoughts on what should be done in light of the growing numbers, "We should take control. I think it’s £100million we’ve spent on this problem. I’d go down the Trump route.

"Why not have a nice spikey barbed wire fence somewhere on the channel? Instead of using the English channel, they should use the legal channel.

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"Why not have a nice spikey barbed wire fence somewhere on the channel? Instead of using the English channel, they should use the legal channel," she added.

"I’m not against immigration, I’m all for it. But illegally, it’s ludicrous. It’s out of hand and people are fed up."

Hordes of shocked viewers took to social media to share their response to India's comments, with many airing their disgust.

'Shockingly poor statement from India to suggest a bard wire line should be put in the English Channel, trying to make a joke of #Refugees, people risking their lives is not a joke,' one Tweeter wrote.

'Did she just say that?“Put spikes in the English Channel to stop the dingys!”Many of them on board women and children,' added another baffled viewer.

'India Willoughby advocating barbed wire to destroy lifeboats carrying asylum seekers is disgusting. Advocating death of migrants in the English channel is appalling. #ThisMorning,'a third agreed.

Another Tweeter pointed out that she expected presenter Ruth to intervene when faced with the controversial opinion, penning, 'Really thought@RuthieeL would have told India Willoughby to keep her anti refugee hatred to herself!! She should not be asked back.'

One more Tweet read, 'India Willoughby speaking some absolutely disgusting crap on #ThisMorning suggesting a barbed wire wall to pop refugees' rubber dinghies... wtf?! How can you be so devoid of compassion?!'

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