Experts reveal the best way to write a dating profile to win yourself a date

Dating profile
Dating profile
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Have you often wondered how to write a dating profile? With a huge 16,500,000 of us now a member of dating website eHarmony, and a further 23,575,000 people on competitor dating site - it's clear that more of us than ever have taken to sprucing up our online presence over sprucing up our appearance to find a soul-mate.

Some of the best dating apps for relationships cater specifically for over 5os dating. Move over Tinder!

So how can we make sure that we stand out - and more importantly, give ourselves the best chance at finding love?

According to experts, there are all sorts of things you can do - and should maybe avoid - that can give you a better chance in the world of online dating, from mentioning your favourite film to not wearing a pair of glasses...

So how can we make sure our online profile gives us the best chance of finding thatelusive perfect date?

Read on to find out how you can make sure your profile fits the bill...

Keep your profile information short and sweet While you might be tempted to write a long description about yourself - don't. Kate Taylor, who works, Match's website for older people, confesses her belief that long chunks of texts on your profile discourages potential suitors.

She told the Daily Mail, "Visualise your ideal reader and address him. Keep it short, fun and light. Women love reading long profile texts - but I feel it discourages male readers. Spend 80 per cent of your time and energy creating your profile pictures and 20 per cent on text."

Don't wear glasses in your picture. A study commissioned by the dating app Tinderm has revealed that most users swipe right - indicating approval - to people whose profile pictures are the most approachable. But what does this mean? The Tinder study, undertaken by dating expert and sociologist Dr Jessica Carbino, has said that wearing a pair of specs could reduce your chances of being given a fighting chance for a date by at least 12%. Carbino said "Seeing the iris gives us clues as to whether you can be trusted." Maybe pop in the contacts before taking your profile shot...

Smile with your teeth. Tinder's study shows that people are 14% more likely to get a right swipe if they show their teeth whilst smiling, rather than closing their mouth. Carbino says " You're signaling that you're kind, warm and approachable.

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Think carefully about what to write as your interests. Some websites,, require you to answer questions before signing up, such as the words you'd used to best describe you. They advise that the best way to answer them? Is as honestly as possible. say that if you put what you really want, you can lay out any potential deal breakers for what you want in a relationship, and "can therefore avoid embarking on the wrong relationship altogether." Wise words... Include your favourite film in your profile - especially if it's Love Actually eHarmony's dating expert Verity Hogan has shared that films in particular appear to attract online dating users to one another - particularly if it's the right film.

She shared, "If you're more into Runaway Bride than Rambo, don't despair; just mentioning a love of film on your dating profile could increase the messages.

"A study found that Love, Actually is one of the most attractive films for men - women who list it as a favourite on their profile receive a third more messages." Consider it done!

Include more photos - but avoid selfies! According toVerity, the best profiles include a range of photos, but none of them include a selfie.The popular photo-taking trend can appear vain - and may even affect your chances, according to the dating expert.

"Avoid selfies at all costs! Profiles using extreme close-ups receive around half as many messages as those with waist-up or full-length shots."

And some of the best shots to use are those candid, fun-loving ones that simply show you having a good time. Verity revealed, "The more photos you include, the more messages you're likely to receive. Include some that show you doing the things you love - in your favourite city or playing your favourite sport. Aim for five or six."

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Will you be trying out these dating profile tips?

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