How many episodes of Netflix's Diplomat are there and will there be a season 2?

We can't get enough of Netflix's political drama The Diplomat

Netflix's The Diplomat
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Netflix's latest political drama The Diplomat has quickly risen to the top of the streamer's charts, enticing viewers with not only incredibly intricate and shocking storylines, but also stunning backdrops and, the ultimate tease, a cliffhanger for an ending

As well as wondering who makes up the large cast of The Diplomat and why their faces seem so familiar, viewers are desperate to know whether or not The Diplomat will be renewed for season two - and after that ending who can blame them? Here we share how many episodes make up season one of The Diplomat so you can make sure you haven't missed any, and, if you really can't get enough of the series, we detail where The Diplomat is filmed so you can visit the locations. 

The Diplomat

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How many episodes of Netflix's Diplomat are there?

The first season of The Diplomat is made up of eight episodes. All eight episodes are available to watch now after being released on April 20 on Netflix.

Many of Netflix's recent releases, such as fellow political drama The Night Agent, span 10 episodes so The Diplomat does feel short from what we've grown to expect. However, as each episode lasts for around 50 minutes in length, there's still plenty of action going on.

Netflix's The Diplomat

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Will there be a season 2 of Netflix's The Diplomat?

The shocking cliffhanger that ended season one of Netflix's The Diplomat does suggest that the show will be continuing for a second season. However, Netflix has not yet confirmed whether they will or will not be renewing The Diplomat for another season. 

There's no need to panic though as the first season only just dropped onto the streaming platform, and following previous releases which have been renewed, it could still take some time for Netflix to announce anything to do with a second season for The Diplomat

According to Radio Times, if viewers' wishes are granted and The Diplomat is renewed for a second season on Netflix, the earliest that new episodes would arrive would be in Spring 2024 when factoring in filming and production.

The Diplomat


Where was The Diplomat filmed?'

Filming for The Diplomat took place largely in London as this is where the majority of the series is set. Talking about the importance of the stunning scenery seen throughout the show, Keri Russell, who plays the series lead, Kate Wyler, told Newsweek, “London has a pretty fun wild scene. It’s not all pomp and circumstance, but that is absolutely one of the characters of the show. Even though there’s definitely location porn.”

As The Diplomat's plot focuses on politics, it's no surprise that filming centered around the London area of Westminster. The show even featured the actual US embassy in London, which you can find in real life on the south bank of the Thames near Nine Elms.

One specific location, where Kate is seen laying a wreath at the memorial in episode one, was London's Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich. The college is open to the public and they host daily talks and walks where you can learn more about the site and see all it has to offer. 

For scenes set outside of London, filming took place in the beautiful landscape of the Cotswolds, (one of the best places in the UK for a staycation). Paris also features as a backdrop, with the most notable setting taking place outside of the famous Louvre gallery.

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