'Dogs don’t come with a gift receipt' Heartbreaking advert about buying dogs as Christmas presents is bringing people to tears

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Dogs Trust has released a heartbreaking advert warning people about the reality of buying puppies as Christmas presents.

The charity, which is the UK's largest dog welfare organisation, shared the clip in which a small dog made from cork - aptly named Corky - is having a great time playing with the whole family on Christmas day.

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However, the next day he’s a real life pup who ends up discarded with the rest of the rubbish, and is the brought into a Dogs Trust branch.

The clip has brought many people to tears, who took to social media to reveal how emotional it’s made them.

One said, ‘literally makes us cry. People need to be more sensitive not less.’

Another wrote, ‘This brought me to tears to watch. I can only imagine how those poor dogs feel getting dumped after Christmas or any time of the year. Like they are the most loving caring creatures that were made and knowing this happens is just wrong. Thank you DogsTrust for all your work.’

A third added, ‘Fabulous advert pals, very poignant and moving. Thanks for all your help for the less fortunate doglets.’

A fourth also commented, ‘Great advert, just so sad that people still need reminding of this.’

The advert was inspired by the fact that searches around getting a puppy skyrocket in the run up to Christmas, but many of these puppies are abandoned once the novelty has worn off.

Dogs Trust’s chief executive, Owen Sharp, said about the poignant advert, "These figures show that people still think to buy a dog in the rush before Christmas. It’s very easy to pick a puppy at the click of a button but dogs don’t come with a gift receipt.

“We take calls all-year-round from people who feel they have no choice but to give up their dog. It can be heart-breaking, even if an owner knows they are doing the right thing.

“Dog ownership is wonderful, and we aren’t saying don’t get a dog, we’re just asking that people are sure they are ready for the long-term commitment that comes with it.

“We hope this year our message, “A dog is for life, not just for Christmas”, comes across loud and clear.”

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