Masterchef's Gregg Wallace tears up as he reveals his fears over being an older dad

Gregg Wallace

Appearing on Loose Women yesterday, popular cook Gregg Wallace choked up while discussing his newborn baby.

The 54-year-old has just welcomed a son with his wife Anne-Marie (or Anna), whom the pair have named Sid Massimo.

And whilst discussing their lovely new arrival, Gregg became visibly emotional as he admitted that he initially had fears about his age.

Explaining to the panellists that he had concerns about having a newborn at 54, he revealed a sweet comment his older son made to reassure him everything would be okay. Gregg has two older children, Tom and Libby, from his previous marriage.

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He said, "I was a single dad. I bought my children up on my own. They are now 25 and 22, and they were actually at the hospital when their baby brother was born.

"And do you know what my son said? He said, 'Look, the little boy Sid is a lucky boy'. And I said, 'But his dad's old?'"

Tearing up, Gregg went on, "And my boy, sorry, I'm getting a bit, my eldest boy said, 'That’s alright dad, he’s got me.'"

The Loose Women panel were left touched by the sweet story, with Andrea admitting that that lovely comment had given her goosebumps.

On the show, Gregg also revealed that he and his wife Anna had also agreed a rather traditional parenting dynamic, explaining that he would continue working while she stayed at home with the baby.

He explained, “My wife is very, very old-fashioned. We had a good chat about what our roles would be when the baby came along and it was decided I’m provider and I should stay the provider.

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"I’m not arguing the pluses and minuses but it works really, really well. That was it. It was decided I should carry on working.”

However, the chef insisted that he is still a very hands-on father, revealing, “I change nappies, I feed and I wind. Yeah, I love it. I’ve been weed on three times.”

The pair also have a new cookbook coming out today, called 'Gregg's Italian Family cookbook'.

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