Bridgerton star Golda Rosheuvel reveals how 'being comfortable with being messy' is key to playing Queen Charlotte

Ever wanted to feel like royalty in your everyday life? Golda Rosheuvel has shared her secrets to channelling a queen-level of confidence

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Dearest Reader, this author's favourite queen is back on your screens and ready to provide the ton with yet another season of dramatic announcements, gravity-defying wigs and admirable confidence. 

Bridgerton is back, and after the successful spin-off that was Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, we enter this season with even more love and admiration for Golda Rosheuvel's beautifully complex character. In an exclusive interview with woman&home, Golda shares how she channels Queen Charlotte's most admirable qualities. 

"It’s about being authentic - about knowing who you are. Being generous to yourself in the low moments. Having trust that you can get through and giving yourself respect to yourself in those times. So joy and the celebration of the highs really are strengthened by that. And it's about being confident with being messy – about being confident with being a whole person and being true to yourself."

Audiences were spoiled last year with an entire season based on Queen Charlotte, with Golda playing the present-day monarch and India Amarteifio as young Charlotte. This story provided a deeper understanding of the queen, and her journey to becoming the headstrong ruler so many have come to admire in the main series.

"I think in this show, we celebrate the wobbles and the celebrations and everything that being a woman is – from us oldies to the youngsters. It's a kind of celebration of all women." 

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While Golda does, at times, take inspiration from the personality of her character, she is quick to stress most of Queen Charlotte's characteristics are very much left on set.

"Golly, if I was like her I’d be out on the street, they’d sack me right off. In terms of me being like Queen Charlotte, no, I stay far away from that in my normal life," she laughs. 

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But it's clear being genuine is one thing that very much binds Golda and Queen Charlotte together. "The authenticity becomes in being an actress and the work that I have to do to create the role. And trying to kind of tap into ideas of myself within the roles and what I think about that.

"I find music, I find art, I find dance, I find anything that's kind of going to invoke a kind of emotion, and try and see where that will lead me through a character. For me, authenticity within myself as a storyteller allows the character to come through," she continues. 

You heard it here first, authenticity is key. We simply cannot wait to see even more of the iconic queen in the newest season of Bridgerton, wigs and all. 

Bridgerton, Season 3 Part One is available to stream on Netflix from May 16 2024. 

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