For Her Sins ending explained as the dramatic thriller takes a tragic turn

The Channel 5 thriller took a tragic turn in the final episode - here's it's ending explained...

For Her Sins ending explained
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The Channel 5 thriller For Her Sins wrapped up ending on a tragic turn that has left its ending needing a bit of explanation. 

Who was expecting that? For Her Sins has left viewers feeling a little uneasy after that final episode. But then again, Channel 5 has been releasing some thrilling and chilling dramas recently, not least Desperate Measures which left many with some burning questions. Netflix has also been getting in on the action with their medical drama Malpractice, the horrifying movie The Strays which was inspired by a true story, and most recently Noise, a Belgian psychological thriller that really creeped us out. 

For Our Sins followed Emily Furness, played by Rachel Shenton, and Laura Conroy, played by Jo Joyner, as they spark up a friendship and bond over their shared parenting struggles. The story explored female friendships with actress Jo Joyner telling This Morning, "It was so nice to tell a story about two women, because I'm often paired with men, some wonderful men like that I've worked with over the years.

"I work really well in a duo with men but it's really nice to be with a woman. Female relationships are complex and it reminds me of when you're at school, when you think someone has said something double-edged"

An innocent enough story, no? Well...

It quickly became clear as the episodes went on that something about Emily was off. She had targeted Laura specifically, wanting to worm her way into her life - but why? All became clear in the show's finale whose ending left many gobsmacked and some extremely confused. 

For Her Sins

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For Her Sins ending explained

As For Her Sins comes to its conclusion, we learn that Laura isn't Laura's real name and she is instead called Catherine. 

When Catherine was younger, her mother, who also happens to be the boss at the law firm she works at, moved her family away after a tragic summer holiday. It's revealed that young Catherine, on this holiday, had made friends with a young girl who later turned out to be Emily. 

During the holiday, the pair went out in a rowing boat with Emily's brother Jamie, who then had a tantrum and threatened to tell their parents that they'd gone out on this boat without permission. 

In a moment of fear, Catherine pushed Jamie off of the boat and watched as he quickly sank beneath the surface and drowned. Catherine attempted to save him but he unfortunately passed away. 

For Her Sins

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Following the drowning, Catherine's mum forced Catherine to deny everything and say that she was never there on the day of Jamie's death. Subsequently, Emily herself was blamed for her brother's death by both the public and her own parents.

Emily was jailed for the death among other misdemeanors, but the young Catherine still visited her, stricken with guilt over the ordeal.

Speaking to the young Catherine, Emily told her, "It's not over. Doesn't matter where you go or who you pretend to be, I'll still be there 'cos I made you feel alive. I set you free. Who's going to do that now?"

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