Diane from The Traitors has two sons you'll recognise - but for very different reasons!

Diane from The Traitors has stolen the hearts of the nation, but did you know she has two sons who are also in the public eye?

Diane from The Traitors
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Diane from The Traitors is already an icon, but did you know she has two famous sons? Here's what you need to know...

The Traitors season two has already got fans completely obsessed as it has delighted viewers with twists since it launched on Wednesday, January 3rd, 2024. The show delighted fans with a twist as the fourth and final traitor was revealed on January 4th and tensions were getting high as people were being murdered and banished from the show. 

Diane from The Traitors has quickly become a fan favourite as the faithful contestant has kept the other players in line and made several hilarious comments. Although the star hasn't spoken much about her family, she actually has two sons who are famous - but for very different reasons.

The Traitors


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One of Diane's sons is Game of Thrones actor Kerr Logan who is best known for playing Matthos Seaworth, son of Ser Davos in Game of Thrones and has also appeared in; The Killing Kind, Showtrial, Alias Grace, Strike, Boy, Dead Still, North Sea Connection, and London Irish. 

Kerr took to social media to reveal that he was loving the reaction to his mother in the show. "My mother is on the traitors. My mother is on the traitors. My mother is on the traitors. She’s bonkers. I’m scared. @TheTraitorsUK," he said on X formerly known as Twitter.

"My mother is trending on Twitter….. one of the more surreal nights of my life…@TheTraitorsUK," he said again as a reaction to the hundreds of memes that were created about Diane.

However, Kerr isn't the only one of Diane's sons in the spotlight. It was revealed in episode three of The Traitors that Diane did have a son in the show, but it wasn't Paul as some of the fellow contestants suspected...

Warning there are spoilers for season 2 episode 3 ahead...

Kerr Logan

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It was revealed to the audience by Diane that Ross is actually her son and the pair have decided to work together as a team but not tell any of the other contestants about their link. 

Ross said in episode three, "So it turns out Diane is my mum. I know... I thought I was going to be slipping up all the time to be honest with you." He also joked to his mum, "Do you know what is going to be the hardest thing? I'm going to have to call you Diane."

It seems that Ross's involvement in the show was even a secret to his brother Kerr who said on social media, "I’m not joking….. a family member of mine is in this photo [of the TV show] and I’ve only just found out."

The Traitors


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Ross told the cameras about his plan with his mother saying, "We are a team at the end of the day. We're going to try and divide and conquer. We've got the competitive and the drive for one of us to win it. If one of us wins it, we both win it. We're going to keep the relationship secret. I'm just trying to stay focused but it's tough."

So far the pair haven't slipped up just yet, but as players already suspect she is Paul's mother, it might not be too long until they work out that she is in fact a mother to one of the players...

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