Dawn French comedy return—star and Jennifer Saunders have plans ‘stored away’ for an epic reunion

Dawn French and best friend Jennifer Saunders are never far from a good idea

Dawn French comedy
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Dawn French comedy return? The star has revealed she and best friend Jennifer Saunders are never far from a good idea for a show.

The comedian reunited with her French & Saunders co-star for a podcast, Titting About, during lockdown and truly wet the appetites of their loyal fans for a grand return. 

And, when quizzed about whether they had any projects in the pipeline, Dawn, 64, told Good Housekeeping, “When Jennifer and I are together, we do talk about things that we could do; we always have things stored away.”

However, things would be slightly different to how they once were—with looser trousers the main point of contention.

“In one episode of our podcast, we chatted about what we’d do if we were making a new show now, and concluded that the only kind of sitcom we’d do these days is one where we’re very, very comfortable in slouchy clothes—and definitely no wigs!”

The comedy duo have been best friends for years and so had no issues keeping in touch during lockdown.

Having learned some big life lessons in recent years, Dawn confessed, “We see each other all the time anyway as friends. We're not very good on Zoom. I'd rather be on the phone to her or we text each other a lot.

“If we don't get to see each other much, we just pick up where we left off. There's never a guilty gap. It's not a friendship that you have to feed on a regular basis to keep it topped up. It's very secure.”

Life looks very different for Dawn now, after she left London to relocate to Cornwall in 2006, where Dawn now celebrates the "abundant beauty" of life.

Citing her reasons behind the decision to retreat to Cornwall, she told Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place podcast she found city life “overwhelming”. 

There always seemed too much to do in London for Dawn. “I find the clutter of it overwhelming. I think I’m not meant for a city… that isn’t the real me. The real me is quiet.”

She’s since relocated again and is now settled in an even quieter and more remote part of Cornwall.

"Dawn is low-profile and private. The fact that Fowey has recently become cool and trendy isn’t what she finds appealing per se,” an insider revealed.

But it won't be long before this star is on the move again as Dawn French prepares to head off on a shockingly named tour.

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