Dame Judi Dench Shares What Her Biggest Fear Is

Dame Judi Dench may be an award-winning actress with more successes under her belt than others could wish for, but she still has fears like anybody else.

For some it might be creepy crawlies, heights or the dark.
Others might fear rejection or loneliness or even something more unusual like certain foods or textures.

But for Judi it is something many people could relate to.

Despite her glittering career, Judi fears for her professional future. In a candid interview with Yours magazine, she said, “Even now I worry that I won’t get another job.

“The director Trevor Nunn once said to me, ‘Why are you always in tears on the first night?’ And I said, ‘Because I think I’m never going to be employed again.'”

The 82-year-old added, “I don’t take anything for granted. At the depths of me I do have a fear of that unbelievable silence you get in a theatre.

“The fear that the audience sees that thing in your eyes and thinks, ‘Oh, she’s gone’. The more you do, the more frightening it is as you are much more aware.”

Judi has had an impressive 60-year career on screen and stage. Although she may fear a premature end to her acting days, if this year is anything to go by, she has nothing to worry about!

She starred in Victoria & Abdul, a film that explores Queen Victoria’s unlikely friendship with an Indian clerk. The film was only released last month, but she’s already tipped for a best actress Oscar nomination.

Next month Murder on The Orient Express will hit the big screen, which is based on the novel by Agatha Christie.

So we don’t see Judi stopping anytime soon!

Apester Lazyload