Countdown’s Rachel Riley has surprised us with a new book

Rachel Riley's new book aims to give confidence to those who struggle with math

Rachel Riley poses next to a giant brain made of fresh British berries to promote the fact that berries could help to improve memory and concentration at New Street Square on July 28, 2016 in London, England.
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Rachel Riley is on a mission to simplify math for adults. The star surprised followers on Tuesday announcing she is releasing a book created to assist adults who “need an extra hand” with the subject. 

Rachel confirmed the book—titled “At Sixes and Sevens: How to Understand Numbers and Make Maths Easy”—in a video on Instagram.

"I am very excited to announce that I have written a book,” she announced. “It's called At Sixes and Sevens, and it's a maths book for adults who lack a little bit of confidence in the maths department and need an extra hand."

With an endless supply of books for women to choose from, this one shows potential to become one of the best books of 2021. Maths aren’t for everyone, and while numbers may come easy for some, Rachel wants to make the subject more enjoyable for those who find it more challenging.

“I will be taking you by the hand and leading you every step of the way,” she added in her video. “It's a fun maths book, so there's more references to football, cocktails and even vajazzles than you might expect.”

Prepare to get cozy with your best eReader as you "discover how to divide and conquer, make your decimal debut, become a pythagoras professional and so much more with these easy-to-learn tips and tricks,” according to the book’s synopsis.

Rather than stare at a dull textbook, her book also comes "Packed full of working examples, fool-proof methods, quirky trivia and brainteasers to try from puzzle-pro Dr. Gareth Moore.” 

The book is set to be released October 28, 2021 and for those antsy to get their hands on a copy, you can currently preorder it on Amazon for £15.

"At Sixes and Sevens: How to Understand Numbers and Make Maths Easy" by Rachel Riley £14.99 | Amazon

"At Sixes and Sevens: How to Understand Numbers and Make Maths Easy" by Rachel Riley £14.99 | Amazon

With a number of celebrities releasing books this year, including Mena Suvari’s memoir and Prince Harry’s upcoming personal memoir, Rachel Riley’s book may prove to be a fun and interactive bestselling book.

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