The £6 Amazon best-seller that's proving brilliant for menopausal women in the heatwave

There's nothing worse when the sun is out than feeling constantly red, hot, sweaty and sticky - and it's even worse if you're also dealing with the symptoms of the menopause.

Pair hot flushes with the bodies normal response to hot weather, and for people going through the menopause, the heatwave can be an unbearable time.

But it seems some Amazon shoppers have stumbled upon a very handy little product that may make the balmy summer days just that bit more manageable.

The Magicool Hot Weather Cooling Spray - sold for £6.89 on Amazon - has been winning rave reviews, with almost 60% of shoppers giving it a 5* review.

Magicool cooling spray

And it appears that many women are finding it most useful to help them cope with hot flushes, as well as the hot weather the UK is currently experiencing.

Plenty shared comments praising the spray, with one writing, 'Good for people going through the menopause, or people with Fibromyalgia and other conditions. I have fibro and the medication I'm on makes me sweat constantly! This is brilliant.'

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While another wrote, 'This spray cools you but unlike do-it-yourself sprays from the kitchen tap, it lingers on your skin, so the effect lasts longer. It is invaluable in hot weather or if you are a “certain age” and have hot flushes.'

A third also commented, 'I can’t live without this in the heat!! During the heatwave I sat infront of the fan with this spray on me. Great size for handbag and perfect for anyone who suffers with hot flushes.'

And a fourth revealed their thoughts, saying, 'This is a great birthday product, rest does cool, which is what a menopausal women needs during this awful heatwave. Smells lovely too.'

So how exactly does the spray work? The Magicool spray is ready-chilled, meaning it's ready for you to spray on to your face, arms, legs, or wherever you please for an instant cooling hit.

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And to top it off, it's also vegan and cruelty free - so a win/win for the conscious shopper!

Some shoppers warn that the spray can leave a tiny bit of a sticky residue behind, but we reckon that's an acceptable price to pay if it can help us cool down in 30+ degree heat..

So will you be stocking up?

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