Christine Lampard's 20-month-old daughter in scary hospital dash

Loose Women star Christine Lampard has revealed she and Frank Lampard rushed their daughter to hospital after she developed a rash and a really high temperature.

Christine, 41, took the opportunity to share the "scary" story on Loose Women on Friday and encouraged people to still use NHS services if necessary, despite the coronavirus crisis.

Opening up about the scare, Christine said, "We were talking about how people weren't taking their children to hospital because people were fearful and I remember thinking on that day, 'Wouldn't that be awful?' And typically last week we ended up in that exact situation."

The TV star - who shares a 20-month-old daughter with football legend Frank Lampard - revealed that they'd rushed Patricia to hospital after she woke up with a high temperature and a rash.

"Our little one, this will echo with other parents I'm sure, basically woke up with a really high temperature and then your mind goes to some dark places about what this could be," she explained.

"But to cut a rather long story short we were told by our GP to go straight to A&E and it was the words I did not want to hear that day."

With social distancing restrictions in place and the country in lockdown amid the coronavirus pandemic, the last place Christine hoped to end up was a hospital.

But, despite their fears, the couple headed straight to A&E after a doctor suggested they should.

She said, "We went anyway and typically only one parent can go in now because of the whole virus, so Frank went home and I went in with her and suddenly felt really alone, you think oh my gosh this is really terrible."

"But of course the doctors and nurses as we all know in the NHS, Chelsea Hospital it was, were fantastic and she had a rash and all the bits are very scary but it all turned out to be fine, and she's great, and as I say I've cut a very long story short."

Christine re-assured viewers that they should not fear having to go to hospital in a case of an emergency, just because of the global pandemic.

She added, "I walked in and there was one other family in the waiting room, don't try and decide what the issue is yourself.

"If you're worried at all what I can say to you is that I have done it now and I'm so glad that I did and please, the NHS are still there for everybody else, it's not just about coronavirus right now."

Georgia Farquharson

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