Cher reveals the two things she will never stop doing - and they're the secret to her youthful appearance

Cher's youthful appearance is reportedly down to these two easy hacks as the star says she will never change two things about her life

Cher's youthful appearance
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In an interview on Good Morning Britain, Cher's youthful appearance was the topic of discussion as the star revealed the secret behind her stunning appearance.

On Monday, September 4, Cher spoke to Good Morning Britain hosts Susanna Reid and Ed Balls via video call from her Malibu home, about a number of topics. In one part of the interview, the star opened up about her age-defying looks and how she has maintained her youthful appearance despite the fact she is 77 years old. 

The star revealed that it's all about not conforming to the expectations placed on women about ageing. Cher explained that her long hair is a permanent fixture and she has no intentions of cutting it short - just because society imposes the idea that women over the age of 50 should have short hair. She also explained that she won't stop wearing jeans - another idea placed on women that they grow too old to wear jeans. 

"I remember when my friend Paulette and I were talking about when we're going to cut our hair and stop wearing jeans because it seemed in those days that's what women did and it hasn't hit yet," said Cher."I will be 80 at some point, sooner than I wish and I will still be wearing my jeans and I will still be wearing long hair and I will still be doing all the same stuff I've always done." So don't expect to see Cher with short locks any time soon!

Susanna Reid, who had just debuted a shorter choppy look that morning on the show, joked that she may have regrets about chopping off her locks! "I love the hanging on to long hair, I've literally just cut mine and now I feel should I regret it?" Cher jokingly replied, "You know what, it'll grow!"

When probed again about her appearance, Cher credited genetics and added that she isn't trying to feel young, she is just portraying on the outside what she feels on the inside.

"Well, I don't know, genes in my family are pretty amazing. I don't know if not feeling old makes you younger, I'm not sure, I keep up with the trends and have lots of young friends, and I have old friends too. Honestly, I'm not trying to feel young, I'm not trying to be young, I am who I am. So whatever that means, I'm just getting along!" she said.

Cher attends Premiere Of Apple TV +'s "Sidney" at Academy Museum of Motion Pictures on September 21, 2022 in Los Angeles, California.

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Ed Balls also asked the star about her love of ice cream - and if this was perhaps another secret behind her youthful looks. "I've loved ice cream all of the world, there are pictures of me eating ice cream all over the world." She also spoke about 'Cherlato' her ice cream brand and her avocado and crispy breadcrumb ice cream - perhaps somewhat of an acquired taste!

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