Catherine Zeta-Jones reveals secret to 22-year marriage to Michael Douglas

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas have been married for more than two decades, the actor has reflected on their enduring relationship

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas
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In a recent interview, Catherine Zeta-Jones opened up about the secret to her decades-long relationship with her husband Michael Douglas.

Catherine Zeta-Jones has been happily married to Michael Douglas for over 20 years and while the actress confesses that they have had their 'ups and downs' the pair have been together since they tied the knot in 2000.

Now, in a new interview with The Telegraph, the actress spoke about the brief break she and Michael took in 2013, when the pair briefly broke up, before reconciling and getting back together again.

"It’s impossible for there not to be ups and downs if you live with the same person and wake up with them every day," said Catherine. "I’ve been waking up to Mike for nearly 25 years. I love being married but it’s a crazy thing when you really think about it. Will you marry me? Sure!" But then you think about the Chanel purse you spent a fortune on, and actually I don’t really like it anymore – I’ll put it up for resale."

Catherine Zeta-Jones

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The actress explained that their relationship is strengthened by their similarities and the amount of time they choose to spend together doing their shared hobbies. "We’ll walk around a golf course together for four hours at a time. We have a lot of serious similarities too. We were born on the same day, 25 years apart," said Catherine.

She then reflected on their age gap. With a 25-year gap between them, the couple raised a lot of eyebrows when they got together. However, the couple has clearly proven people wrong with their enduring relationship. 

"We’re just very good with one another, we respect each other, and I never really feel that he’s 25 years older than me. I remember people saying, 'When you’re 50, he’s going to be 75.' Well, that’s just maths," she said.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

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The actress also spoke about how she and Michael have raised their children and how she felt guilty when she was away from them for long stretches.

"With your kids, it doesn’t matter how much time you’re with them – there is always that guilt when you’re away. I’d have it even when my husband was with them. I’d get the call, 'She’s crying for you tonight,'" said Catherine. "And that’s whatever job you’re in. But you know what I hate?‘The word 'juggling'. Like, 'How do you juggle work and kids?'" 

The interviewer questioned if this was because men are so rarely asked this question, "Yeah!" replied Catherine as she added, "and if you really want to know, I’ve got a nanny who helps and a husband who doesn’t have to go off and do a 9-5 job, so I happen to be very lucky… but emotionally it was still hard."

Catherine Zeta-Jones' son Dylan graduated from college earlier in May this year. Catherine and Michael's daughter, Carys, is younger and graduated with honors for her International Baccalaureate in 2021.

Speaking about how she and Michael have raised their children, Catherine explained that they have drilled into them that being a celebrity is not fulfilling in itself. "Celebridom is not the same thing as acting, being a musician, having a craft," said Catherine. "But they know that you don’t have to do much to be a celebrity. In fact, bad behavior makes it 10 times easier."

Catherine Zeta-Jones

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Catherine is now appearing in the hit Netflix series Wednesday as the iconic, Morticia Addams. Following the release of the eight episodes, fans have already reached the end of Wednesday and are desperate for more content.

Catherine said that signing on for the series was a no-brainer, but did not reveal if fans can expect a sequel series. "When I heard that Tim [Burton] wanted to speak to me, I told my agent, 'Whatever it is, just let me know when he wants me to start.' Because at this point in my career all I want to do is hang out with good, interesting people and have fun," concluded the actress.

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