Wednesday ending explained: Who was The Hyde and why did Laurel Gates want Wednesday?

The new Netflix series has delighted many viewers but some are confused by the finale of the show, here is the Wednesday ending explained

Wednesday ending explained
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Wednesday is the Netflix show that fans are loving, but some are a little confused by the ending of this fabulous series, here is everything you need to know... 

Netflix's top show at the moment is the Addam's Family spin-off series from Tim Burton, Wednesday. The show is predominantly a murder mystery that focuses on Wednesday Addam's first school year at Nevermore Academy. In this season there is a monster on a killing spree attacking the students and Wednesday takes it upon herself to work out who is behind this supernatural mystery.

**Warning there are spoilers ahead, so please don't read anymore if you haven't finished the season!

Wednesday Netflix.

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Who was the Hyde?

The main plot of the first season focused on finding out who was the 'Hyde' in the series. This is the person who morphs into a monster and has been killing the students.

It was revealed in the seventh episode that the Hyde was in fact Tyler, Sheriff Galpin’s son who Wednesday invited to the Rave'n Dance. When Wednesday had her first kiss with the coffee shop worker, she immediately had a vision and saw Tyler morphing into the Hyde and killing his therapist, Dr. Kinbott.


Tyler Galpin

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It was later revealed that Tyler's father was a 'normie' but his mother was an 'outcast' who also studied at Nevermore. Tyler's mother first transformed into a Hyde following a bout of postpartum depression, but Tyler was informed she had bipolar disorder and was unaware of her real condition. 

In episode eight, Tyler confessed to Wednesday that he was at first confused by his other side but now enjoys causing pain and killing people. "You know, at first, I'd wake up naked covered in blood, no idea what happened. But over time I started to remember everything, the sound of their screams, panic in their eyes, and a fear so primal I could taste it. And it was delicious," said Tyler to Wednesday at the police station.

Tyler's Hyde was activated by another person who wished to cause havoc and kill as many outcasts at Nevermore as possible.

Who was controlling The Hyde?

So we worked out that Tyler was the Hyde but when it was made obvious that Dr. Kinbott was not controlling him, the question about who activated the Hyde was the next mystery to be solved. 

After visiting XX in the hospital, Wednesday discovers a major clue that leds her to Marilyn Thornhill. After confronting her she discovers that Miss Thornhill is in fact face Laurel Gates who faked her own death. Laurel was the sister of Garrett Gates who was killed in an accident involving Morticia and Gomez 25 years before the events of the series and decided to enact her revenge on the outcasts she blames for her family's misfortune.

It is revealed that Marilyn used a chemical to reveal Tyler's Hyde and then enslaved him to make her do her bidding. She then framed Xavier and made it seems as if he was the Hyde. Laurel then murdered Principal Weems who was disguised as Tyler and then turned to Wednesday to complete her final plan.

Wednesday Netflix.

Laurel Gates / Marilyn Thornhill

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Why did Laurel Gates want Wednesday?

As a direct descendant of Goody Addams, the relative in the Addams family who killed Joseph Crackstone, and put a curse on his soul, Laurel needed Wednesday's blood in order to free his soul and get him to kill the rest of the outcasts at Nevermore - her final act of revenge. 

This plan went well until Wednesday used her talisman to heal herself and then killed Jospeph Crackstone by plunging a shard of metal from a sword into his heart - foiling Laurel's plan and saving the students at Nevermore.

Wendesday Netflix

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Will there be a second season of Wednesday?

Netflix has not yet announced whether there will be a second season of Wednesday. However, there are some loose ends that need to be tied up and some other storylines that have only just begun.

In the final episode, Laurel was attacked by bees but was alive, Tyler was driven away in an armoured truck but was seen turning into the Hyde once again - suggesting he possibly escaped and is free. Enid finally wolfed out, Xavier was set free when it was clear that he wasn't the Hyde, and Wednesday got a weird text on her brand-new phone that suggests she has a stalker. 

There's an awful lot of material for a second season, fans just have to hope Netflix decides to sign on for more!

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