Can the COVID-19 vaccine affect your menstrual cycle?

Here's what we know so far

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Everyone is on high alert: Now that COVID-19 vaccines are becoming more readily available, people are becoming increasingly concerned about the possible side effects—a sore arm, body aches, a fever. One thing that wasn't taken into consideration? The menstrual cycle. 

Although scientific literature doesn't acknowledge period changes to be a typical reaction to the COVID-19 vaccine, it appears that women are experiencing abnormal cycles, including heavy volumes and irregular days. Now, there are professionals tracking it. 

After a medical school worker and her peers experienced changes in their period following their vaccinations, they approached Kathryn Clancy, the head of the Clancy Lab at the University of Illinois, who specializes in women's health studies. As a result, a survey was born

This 15-20 minute voluntary survey intends to uncover possible reactions and states, "Side effects are a common and even important element of the COVID-19 vaccine response, and bleeding patterns can be an important way to understand how our immune systems are activated."

Who can take the survey?

Those who are interested can access the survey here

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Another option, according to Today, is to report any irregularities to V-Safe, the CDC-run health tracker that monitors vaccine reactions. You may be asked to give more information to a CDC rep, depending on the answers you provide.

Although some people are experiencing changes, medical professionals have noted that the menstrual irregularities thus far have been brief and are not cause for great concern, though research is still preliminary. Those with immediate concerns about their health are encouraged to contact a doctor as soon as possible. 

Although we've certainly come a long way since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic over one year ago, there is still plenty to do before we can forget about this horrific virus. You can visit the CDC to uncover facts vs. myths about the vaccine and learn what to do after being fully vaccinated. Stay strong and stay safe, everyone. 

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