‘So proud’: Call the Midwife fans gush over this character as they make major achievement

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  • Another Sunday night meant another rollercoaster episode of BBC One's Call the Midwife.

    Last night’s episode saw a host of twists and turns, with Nurse Trixie tending to an expectant mum who had gonorrhoea, while Lucille was busy with her budding romance with Cyril.

    But one part of the episode that left viewers chuffed was the storyline involving one of the drama’s newest arrivals, Sister Frances.

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    At the beginning of the episode, the indomitable Mother Mildred decided it was time for the newbie nurse to deliver her first baby, on her own. Prior to this, she had only spent time attending births with others.

    Eventually, Sister Frances conquered the task, delivering her very first baby to a delighted mother – no doubt a huge achievement.

    And fans of the shower were delighted with the Frances’ big medical milestone, taking to Twitter to share how ‘proud’ they were of her – despite her being a fictional character, of course.

    One wrote, ‘The best feeling in the world, delivering your first baby solo, just you, mum & baby! Well done Sister Frances! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻#CallTheMidwife’.

    While another said, ‘I’m so proud of Sister Frances 😭 #CalltheMidwife’.

    A third viewer also commented, ‘YEAH SHE DID IT! WAY TO GO SISTER FRANCES! #CalltheMidwife’, while a fourth wrote on Twitter, ‘Powerful stuff here tonight I’m in tears again, but in contrast so happy for sister Frances. #CalltheMidwife’

    And another viewer said, ‘Sister Frances totally nailing it 🙌🏽 So chuffed 🥰 @EllaBruccoleri #CalltheMidwife’.

    Hilariously, Sister Frances was rewarded by her colleagues at Nonnatus House with an ‘extra egg and an additional slice of bacon’ for her achievement.

    Elsewhere in the episode, Nurse Valerie found herself dealing with a difficult situation, when she realised her grandmother had been the one conducting dangerous back-street abortions for the women of Poplar.

    Call the Midwife returns next Sunday at 8pm on BBC One.

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