Barbie movie ending explained: was that the real Ruth Handler, is there a post-credit scene and will there be a sequel?

Because one movie just isn’t Kenough… here’s how Barbie ends and what we know about a possible sequel

Margot Robbie's Barbie movie is finally out - but what's it actually about and how does it end?
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It’s finally here – the world is saying “Hi Barbie!” to Margot Robbie’s hotly-anticipated film based on the plastic fantastic Mattel icon.

Various sources are suggesting the movie is on track to absolutely dominate the charts, looking at a global opening of around £233M ($300M).

Whether you’ve not got around to booking tickets yet or you’ve already donned your best Barbiecore outfits and hit the cinemas, you might be curious as to how it all plays out and if you can take your kids

We’ve got all the info on what happens at the end of Barbie, if there’s a post-credits scene to worth sticking around for and what has been said about any possible sequels.

*So stop reading now if you want to avoid any spoilers*

What happens at the end of Barbie?

Final chance to turn back and remain in Barbie Dreamland if you want to avoid plot details and spoilers…

Okay. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Ken and Barbie - Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie

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The plot of Barbie revolves around a tear in the portal between Barbieland and the real world. Margot Robbie’s Barbie starts to feel thoughts of death and sadness because the person who plays with her in the real world – Ugly Betty’s America Ferrera – shares those sad feelings.

Barbie and Ken go to the real world to fix things… and things don’t quite go to plan.

Barbie realises the real world hasn’t been ‘fixed’ by the creation of Barbies – women don’t run the world, things aren’t glossy and perfect, and, even worse, Ken brings back the idea of sexism and patriarchy to Barbieland.

This causes the Kens to take over – turning it into their Kendom.

At the end of Barbie, the Barbies all manage to reclaim their land – breaking the spell of patriarchy and teaching the Kens that they are enough without trying to supress women.

Margot Robbie’s Barbie then makes a bold choice. She decides she wants to become a real person – being the person who helps shape ideas, rather than being the embodiment of an idea. Even if that means sharing in the pains, the heartbreaks and, yes, even the cellulite that real women face. (A recurring gag from the film!)

After a truly moving speech with Ruth Handler – the inventor of Barbie – Margot Robbie’s character makes the leap into the real world.

And the film ends with the most memorable of last lines – Barbie, thrilled to be human and to be evolving into womanhood – delightedly ends the film by telling a receptionist she’s there to “see a gynaecologist.”

Ryan Gosling's Ken turns out to be something of a villain for a large part of Barbie

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Was the real Ruth Handler in the Barbie movie?

Before her gleeful visit to the gyno, Barbie has a heart-to-heart with Barbie creator, Ruth Handler.

However, it isn’t the actual Ruth. Rather, it’s a character played by Rhea Perlman (of Matilda and Cheers fame).

The real-life Ruth – who named Barbie after her own daughter, Barbara – passed away in 2002.

Ruth Handler, inventor of Barbie, died in 2002, but she is depicted in the movie

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Is there a Barbie post-credit scene?

Thanks to the Marvel movies, many fans now wait around for a possible post-credits scene which teases something special.

However, Barbie does not have any such scene.

Will there be a Barbie sequel?


Margot Robbie told Time magazine in June, “[The story] could go a million different directions from this point. But I think you fall into a bit of a trap if you try and set up a first movie whilst also planning for sequels.”

So, she’s hinting at a possible future!

The cast and creators of Barbie haven't confirmed or ruled out a sequel

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Director Greta Gerwig echoed similar sentiments, telling to Entertainment Tonight in July, “I’m just focused on getting this one out and crossing all my fingers and toes. And then we’ll see what happens after that.”

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