Bake Off's Sandro: Everything we know about the 'the hottest contestant' on Bake Off ever

Bake Off's Sandro has been the highlight each week for many viewers who are loving this season of The Great British Bake Off

Bake Off's Sandro: Everything we know about the 'the hottest contestant' on Bake Off ever
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Bake Off's Sandro has been the highlight for many GBBO viewers who are falling a little bit in love with the hunky baker who seems to heat up the big white tent week on week.

Out of all of the Great British Bake Off 2022 contestants, Sandro is decidedly one of the amateur bakers who has received the most attention from GBBO fans. The baker is not only talented in the kitchen, but has a knack for wrapping Bake Off fans around his little finger with just a little smile or gesture. 

"Sandro is the hottest contestant we’ve ever seen on Bake Off isn’t he #GBBO," said one fan who, like the rest of the nation, was slightly besotted with Sandro. "Is it just me or do we all fancy Sandro? #GBBO," added another on Twitter.

Some fans were even obsessed with the way that he cleans the kitchen, "We all saw Sandro cleaning up his workstation, right? This guy was written by a woman for sure #GBBO," said one fan. 

"Sandro from GBBO can knead my dough anytime," added another fan who couldn't resist a baking pun about the hunky contestant.

So what else do we need to know about this baker who has been dubbed the 'hottest contestant' to ever appear on the show, and seems to have captured the nation's hearts? Here's what we know so far...

Great British Bake Off

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Where is Sandro from and what does he work as?

Sandro, also known as Nelsandro Farmhouse is a 30-year-old baker from Angola in Central Africa, who was raised in East London. The baker is keen on fitness and loves boxing, ballet, and break dancing. 

The baker first got into baking at the age of 21, following the death of his father. Sandro used baking as a form of therapy and has now made a career out of this passion. 

Speaking about his love of GBBO, the baker said on Instagram following his Star Baker win, "Star Baker for the first time, On a week I was most scared of, it turned out I did a pretty good job (pat on the back) Got to always keep your head up, be positive and never give up 😁 Thank you sooo much everyone that celebrated me, sent me their wishes & have been rooting for me. I love you all 💜 I can’t thank @britishbakeoff & @lovegbbo for making this dream come true."

Sandro lives and works as a nanny in London, and this is possibly one of the many facts that has set fans' hearts racing as the muscular seemingly macho guy, has a clear soft spot, and is great with kids. 

The amateur baker also runs online baking classes for children with autism and special needs and promotes accessible baking for neurodivergent children.

Who is Sandro from Bake Off and does he have a partner?

The baker is openly gay, but it has not been confirmed whether he has a partner. Sandro has admitted that this presented some challenges when growing up as a young man in East London. 

"It was pretty tough coming out as gay in East London, but Sandro wasn’t put off," reads Sandro's webpage on Social Ark. As well as being a nanny, Sandro works with community projects that help make baking accessible to all children. 

The post revealed that the baker is now using his platform to shine a light on other talented bakers who could be overlooked because of their sexuality or ethnicity. "The community champion, Youtuber, and celebrity cake maker is determined to widen his impact and raise awareness of talent within the BAME LGBT+ community," read the post.

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Viewers are already obsessed with this latest season, however, just a few weeks ago, Mexican week on Bake Off infuriated fans who claimed 'If I wanted to watch cooking I’d watch Masterchef'. As the weeks continue, the competition continues to heat up as contestants leave the white tent, and only the best of the best remain. 

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