Mexican week on Bake Off infuriates fans, 'If I wanted to watch cooking I’d watch Masterchef'

Mexican week on Bake Off has shocked viewers as many took to social media to complain about the lack of baked goods on the show

Mexican week on Bake Off
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Mexican week on Bake Off has infuriated fans of the Channel 4 show who are frustrated by the tricky theme imposed on the bakers in the tent.

During the fourth week of The Great British Bake Off, bakers were challenged to make baked goods themed around 'Mexican Week'. This was a first in the Bake Off tent and a big change from the previous weeks of this season which were focused on cakes, biscuits, and bread. 

The theme on October 4, 2022, frustrated a number of fans who felt that this theme was not a good fit for the Bake Off tent, which is traditionally focused on sweet foods and baked goods.

For Mexican Week the baker's signature challenge was to make pan dulce, a type of Mexican sweet bread. Their technical challenge was to create meat and guacamole-laden tacos, and their signature was to bake a Tres Leches cake. The taco challenge in particular did not go down well with the Bake Off purists!


(Image credit: Channel 4)

"If I wanted to watch cooking I’d watch Masterchef #GBBO," complained one viewer who was frustrated with the lack of baking in the tent.

"We wanted to see a nice Victoria Sponge. They gave us sweetcorn. In a cake. Sweetcorn… #GBBO," said another referencing Syabira's bake which prominently featured sweetcorn.

"I have enjoyed watching great British Bake off but i question the decisions of having "bakers" COOKING Tacos and DRY "Tres Leches" cake," said another.

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Others found the challenges rather funny. "Fair play to Paul Hollywood for going on holiday and discovering tacos and then hijacking a national TV show just because he fancied a few more. #GBBO," said one viewer.

Another made a joke and suggested that the savory tasks appearing in Mexican week and bread week wouldn't be appearing if Mary was still involved in the show. "SO ITS CALLED THE GREAT BRITISH BAKE OFF AND THEY NORMALLY MAKE CAKES BUT LAST WEEK THEY MADE PIZZA AND THIS WEEK THEY MADE TACOS AND THIS WOULDN'T HAVE HAPPENED IF MARY BERRY WAS STILL ON THE SHOW AND— #GBBO"

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Some of the disastrous performances during Mexican week, are set to be some of the most memorable Great British Bake Off moments ever as fans were in stitches as they watched the bakers struggle to make these tricky challenges. 

Sadly Rebs and James left the tent after falling behind some of the other bakers, but great news for Maxy who won Star Baker for the second time this season! Next week fans will get to watch the bakers tackle 'Dessert week', which promises to be bursting with sweet challenges!

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