American Horror Story's Finn Wittrock reveals the one thing he'd tell his younger self

Finn Wittrock shared some wise advice on growing up with his fans in a recent interview

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - DECEMBER 05: Finn Wittrock attends the 2019 GQ Men Of The Year at The West Hollywood Edition on December 05, 2019 in West Hollywood, California. (Photo by Tommaso Boddi/WireImage)
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Finn Wittrock has shared the one life lesson he wishes he’d learned in his younger years - and it’s something we all need to hear. 

The American Horror Story star, who is now 36, revealed he would encourage his past self ‘to have patience’ and to accept that things don’t always happen as quickly as you might like them to. 

“The things that you want to happen will happen in your life but probably not at the pace that you want them to,” he said. “Breathe through it.” 

Finn offered the wise words during a virtual interview with our sister site Cinema Blend to promote his latest film, Long Weekend. He was joined by his co-star Zoe Chao, who also gave some solid advice on surviving the trials and tribulations of youth - or any age, for that matter. 

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“Relax a little bit,” she said, after reflecting on the question for a moment. “Trust in your life, and the people in it and yourself.” 

The Strangers actor quickly added that she continues to use this mantra today, suggesting she still struggles to stay calm in the face of life’s relentless stresses. “I mean, I try to say that now, I guess,” she said. “That applies now, that’s like a daily conversation.” 

Zoe also emphasized the importance of finding happiness in the moment. “And enjoy the ride,” she said. 

Finn and Zoe made their collaborative debut in the independent romantic drama Long Weekend, which was released on March 12. Written and directed by Stephen Basilone, the film subverts the stereotypical rom-com with an unexpected sci-fi twist. 

Finn plays Bart, a disillusioned aspiring writer who is grieving his mother's death and the breakdown of his relationship at the beginning of the movie. His world shifts suddenly when he meets the mysterious Vienna, played by Zoe, who reveals a secret that pulls him into an unfamiliar reality. 

The film has been praised for its credible on-screen chemistry between its two leads, as well as its clever handling of an easily defective trope used in sci-fi flicks. 

Zoe revealed that it was the script’s underlying realism that convinced her to sign up. “I think it’s about a chance encounter with two strangers that sort of shifts the direction of both of their lives. And I think that happens in real life. There’s a lot of magic in real life.” 

The film’s authenticity likely comes from its writer’s personal experience with grief. Stephen was inspired to create the story after overcoming divorce and the death of his own mother. 

“Even though it’s not realistic in a lot of ways, it still comes from a place that’s very personal to him (Stephen),” Finn said. He added that this helped him fully get into character, as he could look to Stephen for guidance when playing Bart. “Any question I had, he was really right there.” 

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