Adele's Hyde Park ticket prices of £580 have devout fans paying in installments

Adele's steep ticket prices for her upcoming Hyde Park live shows have stunned fans

Adele's Hyde Park ticket prices of £580 have devout fans paying in installments
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Adele's ticket prices for her upcoming Hyde Park performances have stunned her loyal fans, with some options costing so much they can be paid in installments. 

The British superstar delighted her fans on Tuesday by announcing two dates for her upcoming concerts this July, which are believed to be the first live shows of the highly-anticipated Adele tour 2022

The Hello singer will take over Hyde Park in London for a magical weekend to perform her new studio album, 30, as well as all the classic hits from her bestselling previous three records. Fans were quick to queue up online for tickets upon hearing the news, only to be met by eye-watering prices at the till. 

With so much hype surrounding Adele's return to the stage after a six-year-long hiatus, it's no surprise that demand to hear the Grammy-award-winner's vocals live is at an all-time high. The Tottenham native revved up this frenzy in the last few weeks by treating her fans to a number of exciting sneak peeks, including an Easy on Me music video and a candid tell-all interview with British Vogue. 

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If that wasn't enough to whet your appetite for this summer's biggest musical event, Adele's house tour—no, we're no kidding—just might do the trick. The superstar has been inundated with support since stepping back into the public eye, with her adoring fans overjoyed by the promise of her new material. 

However, despite being embraced by open arms over the past month, it looks like the Skyfall singer is starting to face some backlash. Not everyone is happy with the ticket prices for her upcoming concerts, with some even slamming the costs as extortionate. 

Fans will pay nearly £100 for standard entry—and if they want to upgrade their experience, they can expect to shell out as much as £580. For those looking to soften the blow, there's also the possibility of paying your ticket in installments (because who wouldn't go into debt for Adele?). 

We've broken down all the ticket options—and what you get from each one—to make things a little easier. 

Coming in at the cheapest on the list is the General Admission ticket, which costs £90.45 and grants access to all the bars, food stalls, and toilet facilities in the main arena. 

The next most 'affordable' option is the Primary Entry ticket, which, at £111.85, allows you to enter the venue an hour early. Ideal for those looking to secure a good view of the stage. 

Prices really start climbing after this, with the Gold tickets retailing for £273.95 a pop.   You'll arrive through the dedicated Gold Circle entrance, enjoy an hour-earlier entry and a superior view to General Admission and Primary Entry ticket holders. 

Deep breath for this next one—we're dropping serious cash now. The £379.95 Diamond VIP Experience does exactly what it says on the tin, treating its customers to an unforgettable evening with its plethora of perks. 

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You'll be singing along to Adele in a dedicated premium standing area right in front of the stage for unbeatable views, as well as relaxing in the exclusive VIP Summer Garden area with bars, premium food outlets, comfortable seating, separate toilet facilities, and a cloakroom. 

If you're worried about the weather (it is London, after all), this next one might be for you. The VIP Terrace ticket, £434.95, allows you to enjoy the show from a partially covered grandstand—meaning you won't have to worry about getting your hair wet or feeling cold while you belt your heart out. 

At the top of the price scale, you have the Ultimate Bar Diamond and Ultimate Terrace tickets, which cost an incredible £579.95. For over half a grand, you'll be given unlimited access to the covered grandstand and a reserved private area, as well as the VIP Summer Garden and exclusive restroom facilities. You'll also be welcomed by a complimentary glass of sparkling wine, complimentary premium snacks, and a free BST Hyde Park T-shirt. Sounds like a bargain, right? 


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