Adele's house tour stuns fans with traditional English decor—'I can't believe this is America'

Adele's house in Los Angeles has proven the British singer still hasn't lost her native roots

Adele's house tour stuns fans with traditional English decor - 'I can't believe this is America'
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Brace yourselves, Adele fans—a house tour has finally arrived. 

The British singer invited the world into her gorgeous Los Angeles home on Thursday, sharing a deluge of revelations about her personal life ahead of the release of her highly-anticipated 30 album.  

Frenzy surrounding the Grammy-award winner has been mounting ever since she released her Easy on Me music video last week, with fans now grappling to find out how to nab tickets to the Adele tour 2022

But with Covid restrictions reportedly delaying concert plans, it looks like her devout followers might have to settle for a different type of tour for the time being. 

The Tottenham native welcomed fans into her Beverly Hills mansion for the latest edition of Vogue’s 73 questions series, spilling dozens of juicy truth bombs in the rapid-fire interview. 

Adele in 73 Questions Vogue interview

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As well as admitting that her divorce from Simon Konecki was the biggest risk she’s ever taken, she shared touching details on her bond with her mother, Penny, and confessed that her son, Angelo, wasn’t too happy with her recording songs while she was pregnant with him. 

Adele went on to speak candidly about her music, admitting that Don’t You Remember from the album 21 was the hardest song she’s produced and listing When We Were Young from her third record, 25, as one of her favorite tracks. 

If that wasn’t enough to scratch your itching curiosity, she also talked all things fashion—crediting Cate Blanchett as her style icon and confirming her preference for heels over slides. 

While fans understandably lapped up the jam-packed Q&A with the famously private singer, they were even more excited by the interview’s stunning backdrop. 

Adele has never shown off the inside of any of her private residences—until now. The singer didn’t bat an eyelid as the camera panned around the ground floor of the $9.5 million house, even offering to show her guests around in an MTV Cribs-like tour. 

Adele sits in garden of house during Vogue 73 Questions interview

(Image credit: Youtube/Vogue)

After meeting Adele in the driveway of the property, 73 Questions host Joe Sabia follows the singer through the front door and into the mansion’s spacious, white-painted hallway. Despite being located in the heart of California, the entrance's decor emanates strong Royal Family vibes—with an elegant lamp on a dark wooden stand and two yellow armchairs nestled to the left of a carpeted staircase. A bottle of hand sanitizer can also be seen on the table, to ensure all visitors stay safe upon stepping into the building. 

Adele in entrance of house 73 Questions Vogue interivew

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She then leads Joe into a sprawling living area, where the transatlantic theme continues. The brightly lit kitchen looks straight out of a traditional English interior design magazine, boasting a farmhouse sink, muted blue cupboards, and an island with a gas hob cooker. For an extra cozy feel, Adele’s placed red rugs on her hardwood floors—a common hack used to warm up old British houses.

Adele in kitchen for 73 Questions Vogue

(Image credit: Youtube/Vogue)

“I tried to make it feel like the English countryside,” she explained. 

The open-plan kitchen looks over a stunning living room, complete with a round wooden dining table and a pastel blue settee. A flat-screen television is burrowed into the wall on the left side of a white fireplace, while a small library of colorful books sits on the right. 

Adele's books in Vogue 73 Questions

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After unpacking her groceries, Adele leads Joe through two more sitting rooms—one with a red sofa set and the other with a wrap-around cream couch—and outside onto a leafy patio. 

Adele's sitting room 73 Questions Vogue

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“This is very English out here,” she says, as she rustles the hedges around the swimming pool. 

She then leads him towards her barbeque area, which includes a cream wicker couch with blue decorative pillows and a coffee table hosting a single plant. 

Adele's garden in 73 Questions Vogue

(Image credit: Youtube/Vogue)

Adele’s fans were quick to react to her unconventional Los Angeles home, with many taking to the comments of the Youtube video to express their excitement. 

“I cannot believe that THIS is a house in America. It does look like it’s in England,” wrote one viewer. 

“Her house is so homey and feels like a typical house instead of a mansion,” another person said. 

Adele hit headlines earlier this month after revealing she moved to Los Angeles because she couldn't afford to buy an equivalent in her UK hometown. 

“The kind of house I have in LA I could never afford in London. Ever,” she told British Vogue. "I looked at houses. It’s like hundreds of millions of pounds. I don’t have that much money at all. I’d throw up.” 

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