Adele reveals low-paid job she worked before she was famous—'I only got £25 for the whole day'

Adele has opened up about working in the service industry before her big break

Adele's low-paid job before fame—'got £25 for the whole day'
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Adele may be a multi-millionaire superstar now, but that doesn’t mean she’s forgotten her working-class roots. 

The Grammy-award-winner has revealed the low-paid job that helped support her before she became famous—and likely gave her some handy culinary skills along the way too. 

The exciting revelation comes a few days after she announced the release date for her long-awaited Adele 30 album, bringing an end to her six-year hiatus from the spotlight. 

The first track on the record, Easy On Me, has been met by rave reviews, with fans savoring up every chord of the stunning piano ballad as they prepare for the complete setlist, as well as the highly-anticipated Adele tour in 2022. Its emotional lyrics, which some speculate reference her divorce from Simon Konecki, have only drawn extra attention to the British singer's personal life.

Adele (R) and Simon Konecki attend the 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards at STAPLES Center on February 10, 2013 in Los Angeles, California.

Adele and Simon Konecki divorced this year 

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Adele's loyal listeners have been desperate to reacquaint themselves with the heartbreak hitmaker after the extended break—and it looks like she's more than happy to abide. 

The London native hasn't exactly been shy about resuming her seat on the music scene over the past couple of weeks, participating in multiple interviews to share updates on her life and to reconnect with her legion of adoring fans. 

In a special video for British Vogue, Adele completed a blindfolded taste test of classic UK treats to ascertain just how much her palate—now accustomed to Los Angeles cuisine—recalls her childhood dishes from across the pond. The nostalgic activity, which took place in a traditional English cafe, quickly sent the musical legend on a trip down memory lane, with tales of past mealtimes and former jobs all resurfacing in the 10-minute clip. 

It turns out that Adele once worked in a café, or ‘caff’, as she adorably calls it. The singer was employed at an informal dining establishment in her native hometown, Tottenham, in North London. She was even promoted to take on more responsibilities during her stint there, jumping from server to full-blown chef after a year on the floor. 

“I used to work in the River Lea Cafe in Tottenham,” she revealed after correctly guessing the identity of her first dish—a plate of pickled eggs. (She wasn't a fan, in case you're wondering).  

“It started off where I’d just be helping take out the food and stuff like that, but a year later, whoo, I was making some of those breakfasts!” 

Adele performs on the MTV2 Gonzo On Tour stage at the Concorde 2 during day three of the Great Escape Festival on May 19, 2007 in Brighton, England. (Photo by Dave Etheridge-Barnes/Getty Images)

Adele in 2007, before she was famous 

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While the experience gave her some valuable cooking prowess, it didn't exactly leave her rolling in the (deep) dough. 

“I only got £25 for the whole day,” she added, looking visibly unimpressed. 

Adele also revealed a number of her food dislikes, admitting that she "can't stand" jellied eel or black pudding. 

As for her favorite meals, she likes to keep it simple with a takeaway from Nandos—a quarter chicken with coleslaw, rice, fries, and medium Peri heat sauce—or a no-frills chip butty. And when she's hungover? A good old fry-up is her go-to post-drinking breakfast (minus the black pudding, of course). 

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