The £30 Hoover That's Winning Rave Reviews On Amazon

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If you're in desperate need of a new hoover but don't fancy paying through the nose for one, never fear, as we may have found the solution.

Often, it seems as though you need to pay a couple of hundred pounds for a good hoover. And any hoovers that you might buy cheaply never seem to do the job quite as well as a bigger, more expensive machine.

But, if the Amazon reviews on this £29.99 hoover are anything to go buy, there may be a fix to the cost/efficiency dilemma.

The VonHaus Stick Vacuum Cleaner by DOMU UK, which sells for £29.99 on Amazon, is apparently so good, that it's won over 3,500 5* reviews on the website.

Users have flocked to the site to sing its praises, with many claiming it's even better than hoovers that sell for a much higher price tag.

It's been hailed as the ideal hoover pick for those who live in smaller houses or apartments, given its compact size and slim-line design.

Some customers commented on the fact that its smaller size is an advantage, as it means the hoover can squeeze into small spaces that a more cumbersome machine can't. Sounds pretty good so far!

But what are customers actually saying?

One Amazon user wrote, "Great suction, great price, it has no problem with dog hairs. I love how it can get in all the small nooks and crannies that your usual big hover can't."

Plus, one user made the point that the smaller design means it can be easily hidden away - something that those of us with big ugly hoover can probably agree is a plus!

Another reviewer said, "Absolutely brilliant! I've had for a few months and still so impressed!", while another wrote, "Really pleased with this. A nifty, powerful tool. As it's compact it gets in hard to hoover places. Excellent value for money. Light and easy to manoeuvre. I can't stop using it and I am not one for hoovering!"

High praise indeed!

The hoover can also be used in two ways, making it a undeniably handy little device too. It has a detachable middle which means it can be used as a traditional vacuum, but can also be taken a part to squeeze into those frustrating hard to reach spaces. It's just what our domestic hearts need...

So whether you're in need of a handy little hoover for those whip-around cleans, or a main hoover for a smaller flat or house, you may just have found the one.

Will you be buying the VonHaus Stick Vacuum Cleaner?

Amy Hunt
Amy Hunt

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