If you own these kitchen items, you’re apparently middle class

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  • Everyone’s kitchen is different, but an etiquette expert has revealed the nine items that make you ‘middle class’.

    The topic of whether you’re middle class or not is quite the debate. Some love the idea of being called it, whereas others are not so sure. But whatever your thoughts on the debate, apparently there are certain items that make you fall into the middle class socioeconomic group.

    William Hanson, etiquette and protocol expert, has revealed that these nine items make you middle class.


    Middle class

    Credit: Tesco

    Hollandaise in a jar

    We all love Eggs Benedict, but how many of us actually own a jar of hollandaise sauce? Most of us would give the sauce a go at home, but apparently you can also get it pre-made, and it makes you middle class.

    Middle class

    Credit: Nutribullet


    A good blender is a kitchen staple, but specifically a Nutribullet is what William thinks makes a household middle class. Do you have one of these, or just a standard blender?

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    middle class

    Credit: Nespresso

    Nespresso Machine

    A morning coffee is essential, and lots of us own coffee machines rather than using the instant stuff. But William says that a Nespresso Machine makes you middle class – do you agree?


    middle class

    Credit: Robertson’s

    Shredless Marmalade

    Paddington Bear’s favourite – Shredless Marmalade. He even makes an appearance on the jar itself, so it must be good. Although it’s an acquired taste for some, owning it might mean you’re middle class.


    middle class

    Credit: Getty Images

    Anything from Aldi or Lidl

    This one seems strange, as many of us wouldn’t associate budget supermarkets Aldi or Lidl with a stereotypically middle class household. According to William, though, it is.

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    middle class

    Credit: Brita

    Brita filters

    Opting for filtered water over plain tap water might place you in the category. Does your home own one of these?


    middle class

    Credit: Getty Images

    Square plates

    Apparently the shape of your plates makes all the difference. If you’ve chosen square plates over round ones, then William says you could be middle class.

    middle class

    Credit: Getty Images

    More mugs than cups and saucers

    Mugs are a necessity, especially when you can buy so many quirky designs to suit your personality. If you happen to own loads of mugs, then surprisingly, you could tick the right boxes.

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