John Travolta and his daughter dance to Grease

In a new Superbowl ad the Travolta duo bust out some classic Grease dance moves

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John Travolta and his 20-year-old daughter Ella gave everyone a hit of nostalgia in an ad that features some classic dance moves from the movie Grease.

In a new ad for Scott’s Miracle Grow for the Super Bowl, John Travolta and his daughter Ella danced together and performed some moves that look a lot like the “Born to Hand Jive” dance in Grease. 

The duo appears at the end of the commercial with the storyline that John was setting up an iPhone so they can make a TikTok in their garden. Ella takes Sandy's role (originally played by Olivia Newton-John), and the two dance the choreography to “Born to Hand Jive” from Grease.

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The song wasn't from the Grease soundtrack, as the ad's producers decided to go for the more current "Sunday Best" by Surfaces. 

The video ends with Martha Stewart saying," He's still got it."

 This 45-second advert features a whole host of celebrities. Martha is shown tending to her vegetable patch and looking after her tomatoes.

Also featured in this advert are Leslie David Baker - aka Stanley in the office - who is on the grill; Carl Weathers, who is playing golf; NASCAR driver Kyle Busch, who is mowing his lawn; and fitness instructor Emma Lovell, who is doing some outdoor yoga.

The ad comes just six months after John Travolta shared a video of himself dancing with Ella on Instagram. In the Instagram post, John wrote, "My daughter @ella.travolta and I dancing in memory of momma. One of Kelly's favorite things, dancing with me."

Kelly Travolta, nee Preston, passed away in July 2020 from cancer. She and John had three children together, Ella, Benjamin, and Jett, who passed away in 2009. 

John and his daughter Ella use dancing to honor Kelly's memory, which adds a lovely meaning to this project, where the two work together. 

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