Inside Nottingham cottage, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s new home

Now that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are officially married, it's time for the happy couple to finally settle down into their first home together at Kensington Palace.

Following the pair’s engagement, Meghan moved in to Harry’s current home in the palace, which he’s lived in for a number of years.

And now that the pair have returned from their honeymoon, they’ll be keen to make the place a proper marital haven.

Where does Prince Harry live?

The pair have now set up home together at Nottingham Cottage, one of the many apartments within the grounds of Kensington Palace. It’s thought to be one of the smallest residences within the palace grounds, but certainly isn’t one to be sniffed at.

Meghan is likely to be no stranger to the property, having stayed there numerous times when visiting Harry while in London. In fact, it’s where the young prince proposed while the couple were ‘trying to roast a chicken’.

Inside Nottingham Cottage

The cute, cosy cottage is thought to have two bedrooms and a small garden. It also houses a kitchen, small living room, and bathroom – making it the perfect starter home for the couple.

The residence also boasts impressive reception rooms, designed by none other than Sir Christopher Wren, who was one of Britain’s most highly-acclaimed architects.

And it’s likely that Meghan will be keen to put her own stamp on the former bachelor pad, as the Duchess of Cambridge did when she and William lived there when they were first engaged.

Catherine and William moved into the home shortly after they got married, and it’s thought that the Duchess was quick to refurbish the house when they moved in, updating the fixtures and changing the décor to suit her tastes.

Where would a baby sleep at Nottingham Cottage?

The property has two small bedrooms, making it the perfect place to start a family. Princess Diana raised both Harry and William in Nottingham Cottage.

However, while the couple might reside in Nottingham Cottage for a little while, it likely won’t be their forever home – especially as they’ve admitted that they plan to start a family very soon.

Reports have suggested that now the pair are married, renovations have been completed on Duke and Duchess of Gloucester’s former 21-room apartment, situated right next to Catherine and William’s residence, Apartment 1A, in preparation for the couple to move in.

Meghan’s redesign of Nottingham Cottage at Kensington Palace

So how might Meghan have put her stamp on the humble abode? Judging from the former actress’s Instagram page, we predict that she’ll be keen to create a neutral, but comfy, cosy vibe for her new home.

Pictures of her Toronto home on her social media show a relaxed, bohemian décor, with plenty of comfy blankets, beige furniture, and an abundance of flowers.

In fact, it’s likely the Prince will be treated to a fresh bouquet of Meghan’s favourite, peonies, every week now that the pair live together. Lucky boy!

meghan markle

The former actress is also said to love Diqtyque candles, Jo Malone scents, and impressive art. Sounds like it’s a very beautiful home!

And it seems that Meghan also favours a sleek, minimalist design in the kitchen too, having previously shared a picture of her all-white, monochrome kitchen.

Where else do Harry and Meghan have property?

It’s also been said that Prince Harry and Meghan are on the hunt for a country retreat to make their own too. The couple are reportedly searching for a property in the Cotswolds countryside, to get away from the media glare they’ll likely face in London.

Reportedly, the couple are looking to get a place in the quaint village of Luckington. And coincidentally, Luckington Manor, a £7.7 million property, was taken off of the market on Monday 27th November, just as Harry and Meghan’s engagement was announced.

It would certainly be a return home for Harry, who grew up close to the area of Luckington, in Highgrove House – where Prince Charles and Camilla now spend much of their time.

Other reports have suggested the pair will opt for a property on the Great Tew Estate, a chic country retreat close to one of Meghan’s favourite hotels, Soho Farmhouse.

We’re sure the happy couple will be delighted wherever they live.

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