Be inspired to make your home a greener place

Promotional feature with Orsted Your home means everything – it’s a place to relax, to laugh, to express yourself, to bring up a family…And for most of us home extends well beyond our own front door. It’s also bound up in a sense of community, where neighbours and friends care about each other’s wellbeing, making everyone stronger and safer.

For green energy experts Orsted, the world is the home we all share. And with so many dangers threatening its future, it’s all the more important that we strive to look after and nurture it.

Now, thanks to amazing advances in technology, green energy is finally becoming cheaper than the fossil fuels that have caused such devastation through global warming and climate change – making a world powered by green energy a real possibility.

Learn more by watching new interactive film HOME, which shares the message of hope in the fight to save our planet, at You can also create your own film to share on social media using #TakeGreenAction

Inspired to make a difference?

Even the smallest changes in our own homes can make a big difference. Here are a few easy hacks to get you started…

1) Need to stay hydrated? Pick up a re-usable bottle rather than a succession of plastic ones.

2) Ask your energy supplier about switching to green power, such as solar, geothermal and wind turbines.

3) Make sure the whole family are on board with recycling, and make it easier by keeping all the separate bins side-by-side and clearly labeled.

4) Feeling the chill? Don’t turn that thermostat up just yet – pull on an extra jumper instead.

5) If you’ve finished using your computer or your phone’s fully charged, unplug them. Left on standby, these are the devices quietly using all your energy – and pushing up your bills.

6) Sign up for online banking and you’ll save a few trees in the process.

7) Need to stay hydrated? Pick up a re-usable bottle rather than a succession of plastic ones.