Aldi’s new soothing Himalayan salt lamp will bring some much-needed tranquility to your home, and it’s under £10!

Time to relax...

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January is a bleak month in normal circumstances but add to the mix a never-ending global pandemic and some seriously cold days and nights and it can be hard to glean any positivity from the month at all.

That's why self-care and mindfulness have never been more important, aim to seek out a new hobby at home (opens in new tab), create something utterly delicious to eat (opens in new tab) and turn your home into a tranquil, relaxing space with the help of low-lighting, blankets and natural candles.

One way to give your home a cozy and chilled vibe is to add lamps. Himalayan salt lamps rose to popularity a few years back with the promise of improving sleep and helping to clear the air in your home. Giving off a pinkish light they not only look pretty but the natural glow from the lamp can help promote relaxation, in turn leading to a better night’s sleep.

And it’s not unusual for Himalayan salt lamps to be a tad pricey, so we were amazed to find that Aldi has launched their very own version for a fraction of what they would normally cost. Available to buy on their website right now, Aldi’s lamp is sculpted from Himalayan salt, fixed to a wooden base and according to the description, ‘emits negative ions to counteract pollutants in the air’. 

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Kirkton House Himalayan Salt Lamp
£8.99, Aldi (opens in new tab)

Kirkton House Himalayan Salt Lamp

£8.99, Aldi

According to Healthline “there is currently no evidence that using a Himalayan salt lamp can remove potential pathogens and improve the air quality of your home” so that’s one claim we’ll take with a literal pinch of salt, but there’s no denying salt lamps are extremely pleasing on the eye and would make a welcome addition to your home this winter, especially with Aldi's bargain version, happy shopping!

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