Why you should swap your duvet for a cooling weighted blanket this summer

If you're struggling to sleep in the heat, this surprising swap could be life-altering

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A weighted blanket is probably the opposite of what you're craving on a stuffy summer's night however its cooling counterpart might just be the solution to combat overheating on summer nights.

Whether you've already got one of the best-weighted blankets or are completely new to the concept, there are various benefits to having one. And whilst you may not think any form of weighted blanket could help keep a bed cool, experts say they offer surprising cooling properties. 

Not convinced? We asked sleep experts to explain what a cooling weighted blanket is and the benefit of owning one to explore how helpful they are with common sleep issues – especially for helping you sleep in the heat

 The benefits of a cooling weighted blanket in summer 

Should you be looking for ways to keep a bedroom cool adding an extra layer to your bedroom or cosying up with a blanket may not have crossed your mind. And whilst adding layers would usually be the last thing recommended to you, this might just be the exception. 

"A cooling weighted blanket typically incorporates breathable, moisture-wicking materials to help regulate body temperature and prevent overheating during warmer months," explains Hafiz Shariff, founder of Owl + Lark the sleep wellbeing company. 

"This distinguishes it from traditional weighted blankets, which aim to trap heat, with the unique combination of weight and cooling properties providing a cosier sleep experience," he continues. 

What is a cooling weighted blanket and how does it differ from the regular type?

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Similar to choosing the best sheets to keep you cool in bed, opting for a cooling weighted blanket instead of a regular one is an important summer swap.

"Weighted blankets are heavier blankets designed to be therapeutic by providing deep pressure stimulation, or what is known as deep pressure touch (DPT)," explains Chris Tattersall, a sleep expert and managing director of bedding specialists Woolroom. 

"This relaxes your nervous system, causing your body to switch from the sympathetic nervous system ‘mode’ to the parasympathetic ‘mode’." 

Cooling weighted blankets are designed to keep you cool while providing that comfortable calming pressure. 

When it comes to the materials used in cooling models, there are a few old favourites. "The primary materials used in cooling weighted blankets are breathable,moisture-wicking fabrics such as bamboo, cotton, or specialised cooling textiles,"  explains Carolina Goncalves, a health expert and superintendent pharmacist at Pharmica. 

"These fabrics excel at dissipating heat, ensuring the user remains cool and comfortable throughout the night."

Carolina Goncalves

With other 13 years of professional experience in healthcare, Carolina has a vast knowledge on a variety of different fields. She collaborates closely with a team of pharmacists and medical content writers to create truthworthy and helpful information. 

Chris Tattersall Woolroom MD
Chris Tattersall

Chris Tattersall is a Sleep Environment Expert and has been developing and selling sleep-related products since 1997. Since 2012, Chris has been Managing Director of Woolroom, developing the brand into the most recognised destination for natural and healthy sleep. In 2016, Chris worked with the Australian Wool Institute (AWI) and Campaign for Wool to look at the effects of wool on sleep. He also conducted work with Allergy UK in 2014 to study wool bedding’s impact on allergies. 


Do cooling weighted blankets really work? 

Although the cooling science is there, it's hard to believe a heavy blanket could do anything but warm you up. But before you give it up as a way to keep cool in summer, there is some proof to the claims. 

"Cooling weighted blankets do indeed work; however, the extent to which they help improve sleep quality during the summer depends on the type and quality of the blankets used," says Carolina. 

"For instance, higher-density weighted blankets featuring materials specifically manufactured with therapeutic use in mind could be better for individuals with certain medical conditions, such as menopause or thermoregulatory disorders, where temperature control during sleep is crucial," she continues. 

Carolina recommends looking out for materials such as bamboo, glass beads and specialist fabrics that have a gel infusion so they absorb heat better. 

Can weighted blankets help with night sweats?

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If you're someone who particularly struggles with night sweats, then there is some evidence to show cooling weighted blankets can be one of the best sleeping aids

Carolina says, "Night sweats, often a result of underlying conditions, such as hormonal imbalances, anxiety, or certain medications, can significantly disrupt sleep quality. Cooling weighted blankets offer a refined solution by incorporating breathable, moisture-wicking fabrics such as bamboo or specialised cooling textiles." 

Should you consistently struggle with overheating all year round, then Chris is quick to highlight the cooling qualities of wool. He explains, "I would always recommend opting for a duvet filled with natural materials like wool. Wool duvets offer insulation and comfort better than any other fibre due to wool’s natural benefits as a fibre. 

"They can adapt to your body's temperature, keeping you cool without overheating by absorbing the excess moisture while you sleep, meaning they can also help with night sweats," he continues. 

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Our Lifestyle editor Tamara Kelly recently tried swapping to wool bedding to keep cool and has been pleasantly surprised by how effective it is. 

"I was a complete sceptic because I associated wool with knitted jumpers and throws when trying to keep warm so thought 'How can wool bedding be cooling?' but I could not be more convinced. 

I was suffering frequent night sweats for months so Chris suggested trying wool bedding. Not a single hot night in almost 5 months of using a wool mattress protector and wool duvet. It sounds dramatic but it has genuinely changed my life because I was becoming sleep-deprived from being woken by the unpleasantness of night sweats." 

So if you're ready to take the leap and invest in one of the best cooling weighted blankets use our how-to guide to wash a weighted blanket to keep it looking its best and enjoy the cool comforting feel. 

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