Want to know how to keep your wardrobe sustainable?

Worried your wardrobe is adding to the environmental waste? LG shows us how their smart technology can make our fashion choices last longer

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None of us wants our favourite outfit to lose its perfect fit or colour after just a few washes, and with more of us putting sustainability at the forefront we need technology that works with our perfect wardrobe – not against it.

Our fast-fashion obsession means £140 million worth of clothes end up in landfills every year – causing a devastating impact on the environment. LG knows how important sustainability is to us, implementing technology in their appliances to protect the fabric in our clothes – meaning we’ll get more wear out of them and protect the future of our planet.

While with more of us trying to be savvy with our energy output too, the last thing we want to do is waste energy and time with a long cycle. LG’s laundry appliances, which offer free delivery via AO, have the technology, such as auto dosing and AI technology, that works in sync with your life – helping you save time, energy, and most importantly helping us to collectively save the planet.

Here’s four ways that LG smart appliances can help our wardrobes become more sustainable and energy efficient:

LG washing machines

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Tech that makes your clothes last longer

Artificial intelligence (AI) isn’t just in the movies - it’s integrated into all our smart technology to help learn our habits – including in LG’s AI DD™ F4V1112WTSA Washing machine. With so many options to choose from it can be daunting to know what setting to put your wash on - in order to keep your clothes protected. 

LG’s latest smartest feature has arrived to help cure this problem - AI DD™ (Artificial Intelligence Direct Drive) is a clever technology that detects the weight and type of fabrics you’ve placed in your drum to minimize any damage. So, whether it’s a silk blouse or your favourite pair of jeans – they’ll come out perfectly clean and cared for each time.


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No excessive detergent wasted with auto dosing

The majority of us guess the amount of detergent to add to each wash - but getting it wrong could be harming our clothes in the process. LG’s AI DD™ F4V1112WTSA washing machine has ezDispense™ - Auto-dosing technology to give you the right amount of detergent each time. The clever feature means the guessing game is over and your clothes will be washed more delicately, with the right amount of detergent, every time.

Energy and time saving with intelligent washing and drying

With many of us heading back to the office and our social lives back on track, who wants to wait for a 2-hour cycle to finish? That’s why we love LG’s TurboWash 360º feature which goes through a laundry cycle in just 39 minutes – helping you save time and energy.

But it's not just the LG Washing Machines that help save time and energy, their clever Heat Pump Tumble Dryers also have a technology called EcoHybrid™ too. If you’re short on time and want that outfit straightaway they can cut the drying time down considerably – so you don’t have to put your life on hold for your wardrobe dramas. While, if it’s energy usage you’re worried about, the EcoHybrid™ dryers can dry your clothes at a lower temperature - all while looking after the quality of your clothes.

LG Styler

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Refreshing your clothes with no chemicals

Sometimes doing a full load (when all we really want is our favourite dress smelling fresh and looking clean) feels like a chore. So, LG’s Styler is a fashion lover’s dream. The styler is a steaming Clothing Care wardrobe that uses 100% of pure water to sanitise and refresh your clothes with no chemicals. The styler also puts your mind at ease, by reducing allergens and bacteria on your clothes by up to 99.9* per cent.

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