The Homethings Black Friday sale will help turn your cleaning routine eco-friendly in no time!

Lower your environmental impact with 30% off at Homethings

Homethings cleaning bundle
(Image credit: Homethings)

When it comes to cleaning, not many people know that both the products we use and methods we swear by tend to have a negative impact on the environment. Homethings, a cleaning product line, seeks to remedy just that by selling products that are actually eco-friendly and still do the job right. 

Even more exciting—a whole bundle of the brand's signature products currently has 30% off for Black Friday, so if you've already checked out the best Dyson Black Friday deals and Roomba Black Friday deals read on!

Now is the time to get your hands on three refillable 100% recycled plastic cleaning spray bottles, 13 cleaning spray tabs, 72 laundry pods, 40 all-in-one dishwasher tabs, 20 floor cleaned pods and three home compostable sponges for only £40. 

That's £15 less than the usual price of the package and a whole £29 cheaper than the price you'd have paid if buying all the goodies separately.

Bundle is Massive, £38.50 (opens in new tab)

Bundle is Massive, £38.50 (opens in new tab) | Homethings

The full Homethings range includes 13 cleaning sprays, 72 laundry pods, 40 dishwasher tabs, 20-floor pods and three compostable sponges

Homethings bundle

(Image credit: Homethings)

So, what's so special about Homethings? As the company's motto states, the brand believes that "single-use plastic is bonkers." And we couldn't agree with them more. The eco-conscious cleaning products touted by the company seek to move away from the notion that, to be effective, a disinfectant needs to negatively affect the environment. 

What's the point of cleaning our own homes if we're going to "contaminate" the universe at the same time? 

Keep it Clean Kit, £28 (opens in new tab)

Keep it Clean Kit, £28 (opens in new tab) | Homethings

Tabletised everyday household cleaning sprays with glass bottles that you can refill at home using just a tab and tap water and then reuse.

Take the fact that, according to data, UK households buy an average of 10 cleaning spray bottles a year and that a typical cleaning product is 95% water. If every household actually switched to Homethings' sustainable offerings, the country would save an estimated 300 million single-use plastic bottles. That's an astounding number.

More specifically, the cleaning spray bottles that are part of the brand's line are made from 100% recycled plastic, specifically designed to be used time and time again. You'll also notice the lack of plastic packaging when ordering the stuff online: everything is wrapped in cardboard or home compostable materials. 

Laundrythings, £14 (opens in new tab)

Laundrythings, £14 (opens in new tab) | Homethings

Choose between a lightly fragranced or fragrance-free packed of eco laundry pods that are 100% natural and bio-based

And so we’re here to urge you to make the switch to Homethings—cleaning is already a big chore, so why not feel even better about ourselves while doing it, knowing we aren’t destroying our ecosystem in an effort to keep our homes spotlessly cleansed? 

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