IKEA's stylish new air purifier will blend in quietly in any room of your home

The new IKEA air purifier is a breath of fresh air compared to the usually more clunky options

IKEA air purifier
(Image credit: IKEA)

For any of us who have ever splashed out on a quality air purifier for our home, we've generally been met with a big bulky machine that we end up having to clear out some space for.

But trusty home warehouse IKEA has always been good at marrying the stylish with the practical - and they've done it again with the new IKEA air purifier.

Up there with some of the best air purifiers we've come across, the FÖRNUFTIG air purifier makes it convenient for you to improve the quality of your indoor air with its compact size that can be used as a standalone appliance or even be attached to the wall to keep it out of the way.

For big homes with spacious rooms that need one of the best air purifiers for dust, we think the IKEA air purifier works great as it can purifier air in a space of up to 8-10 square metres. And it even comes with a convenient carry handle also makes it a breeze to transport between different rooms of your house so that you can make sure it is used wherever it is needed the most.

Air purifiers work by trapping large particles in the air, such as those caused by dust, pollen and pet dander - so if you're one who suffers from allergies or hayfever when the air is a bit stuffy then you could definitely get the benefits of using an air purifier. This IKEA air purifier comes with a particle filter so it purifies the air from various particles as efficiently as possible, meaning that these allergy stimulants are reduced.

By catching large particles in the air that likely carry seasonal bugs like the flu or common cold, the machine also stops these germs from moving around too much making it much less likely that we'll catch them. And with the extra gas filter that is available to purchase separately, the machine can also help to reduce the odour of smoke and cooking odours as well as purifying the air from gaseous pollutants like formaldehyde that can be found in household cleaning products.

We think the IKEA air purifier is also up there with the best air purifiers for allergies, as it has a sleep mode which will keep the device working throughout the night so that anyone who suffers has the cleanest air possible without the loud noise that usually accompanies these types of machines.

Unlike cooling fans which we can all make an argument for at some point in the year, air purifiers are one of those appliances that do cause a little controversy, as some people argue that they're not really necessary. But there are actually a few reasons why your home might need an air purifier, especially for anyone who suffers from allergies or hayfever.

IKEA air purifier

The IKEA air purifier can be attached to the wall to save space

(Image credit: IKEA)

There are also different tips and tricks to improve how you use your air purifier for the best results, for example by keeping your home ventilated to support the appliance and reducing the risk of clogging up the filters and making sure it has plenty of space around it so that it can do its job to the best ability.

It's also important to make yourself aware of how to clean your air purifier so that it's always working to filter the air and you're not just wasting electricity on a redundant appliance.

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