Struggling with slugs? Sarah Raven reveals her genius woolly solution for keeping pests away

Are pesky slugs and snails stealing your veggies or making their way through your luscious leaves? It might be time to try out this unique wool trick

picture of a slug on a plant stem to support advice on using Hortiwool as a slug deterrent
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It can be extremely frustrating to see your plants falling victim to feasting slugs or snails, especially when you've done all you can to deter them. That's why we were all ears when professional gardener Sarah Raven shared her unique anti-slug hack. 

After putting all your hard work into keeping up with the latest garden trends you'll want to do everything you can to keep the pests away. And even with some of the best ways to get rid of slugs naturally, the slimy creatures somehow still find a way to crunch on your beloved plants. 

With this in mind, we wanted to share this unusual yet highly effective trick we saw recommended by Sarah Raven, one of our favourite gardeners. 

Sarah Raven's woolly anti-slug solution 

Posting on her gardening @sarahravensgarden Instagram this week, Sarah Raven shared her secret weapon for deterring slugs and snails from snacking on her plants. If you've been relying on using eggshells in your garden to no avail then you may want to give this one a go. 

"Have you ever tried using Hortiwool as a slug deterrent? Made from 100% British wool, it comes as large pads that can be ripped up and then laid around your plants," reads Sarah's Instagram post. 

Wool pads are an effective way of protecting your plants from snails and slugs who are lurking in the soil. It's a more long-term option compared to using orange peels in your garden or undesirable chemical alternatives like slug pellets. 

Sarah's post shows a video explainer of how to use the wool, she says, "You simply tuck it around the base of the plants and the coarse fibres should keep the slugs away. Also brilliant for lining containers and hanging baskets to help with water retention in the hot summer months."

Similar to the way coffee grounds in your garden soil can upset snails and slugs due to the gritty texture, the wool fibres offer a rather unwelcome path to whatever plant their protecting. 

It wasn't just us who were impressed with the new gardening tip, the comments were flooded with gardeners excited to try the trick or quick to validate its effectiveness.

One user pointed out that you can get your hands on it for free, she says, "It often comes as packaging - especially with food items such as cheese/meal kits and it is one of the better things I’ve found for deterring slugs." 

picture of snail on leaf

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Another speaks about its usefulness with flowers, saying, "I’ve always used raw sheep fleece - always works for my dahlias when wrapped around the bottom of the stems."

So whether you're looking to start vegetable gardening for beginners or simply want to keep your privacy plants looking their best, why not give wool a go?

You might've heard the prevention tip of using Irish spring soap, however, when it comes to outdoor deterrents using a soap will not land you in good stead. You'll need something a little more weather-proof that can last longer and keep the slugs away – we'll be trying Hortiwool as a slug deterrent, on Sarah's recommendation.

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