This expert-approved garden hack will kill your driveway weeds overnight – and it costs just 65p

Fed up of seeing your driveway overrun by stubborn weeds? This budget hack will clear them overnight and you'll only need one cheap ingredient

 picture of weeds and moss inbetween paving stones on a driveway to suggest trying a budget weed-killing hack
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As summer approaches many of us will be working tirelessly on getting our gardens ready for hosting and relaxing. And that, unfortunately, means weeding the driveway, a dreaded task but one you might be able to make easier with this cheap weed killer hack

Although it's certainly not as exciting as keeping up with this year's fun garden trends, weeding is a necessity to ensure your plot always looks its best. Similar to how to get rid of weeds in your grass, removing them from your driveway takes a particular method and set of tools. 

Weeding isn't fun for anyone, which is why when we saw this easy and affordable weed-killing hack we felt compelled to share it.  

Cheap weed killer hack approved by experts

Weeds are a real nuisance when it comes to the upkeep of your garden, unless you're into the look of the rewilding trend, and can be a reoccurring nightmare for years. This becomes especially irksome when they start growing between pavement flags and broken concrete. 

The hack, which originated on TikTok, was shared by Dr Janine Bowring and consisted of her making a saltwater solution with one part salt and two parts water. She is then seen stirring the mixture to pour it over the weeds growing through the driveway and pavement gaps to kill any vegetation.

Gardening expert at PriceYourJob, Harry Bodell has shared his professional thoughts on the hack and whether it works effectively. He says, "This method works by ultimately dehydrating weeds. Salt interferes with the weed’s ability to absorb essential nutrients such as potassium, magnesium and calcium. The disruption in nutrient uptake weakens the plant’s overall health, causing it to dry out from dehydration and die." 

He goes on to explain that this salt solution will also prevent any further growth of weeds. Harry explains, "There are certain ions present in salt which can be toxic to plants when accumulated in high concentrations, it interferes with natural processes such as photosynthesis, leading to cell damage and dehydration of the plant." 

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Although the TikTok video is no longer available, Harry shared his recommended method for using this natural solution. Using natural solutions such as this is a great sustainable garden idea as it reduces the amount of chemicals around your plants and of course around you too. 

"Once you’ve prepared your salt solution, lightly pour the solution over gaps in between paving slabs on garden paths, specifically concentrating on areas that have weeds currently growing through," Harry advises. "It’s important to do this on a dry day so humidity and rain don’t wash away the solution." 

Leaving the solution overnight will dry out the weeds to their roots, which makes removing the weeds the next day much easier. 

If you're worried about weeds growing in amongst your other plants use old towels in your garden as weed barriers, the salt solution will damage your other plants.

Morrisons Table Salt: 65p at Morrisons

Morrisons Table Salt: 65p at Morrisons

With an Aldi and Lidl price match, you really can't find a 750g bottle of table salt for cheaper. This is perfect for killing your weeds and of course, seasoning your Monday night spag bol. 

Now you've naturally tackled the pesky driveway weeks why not follow a royal gardener's advice for the jobs to get done this spring? Summer will be here before you know it and the garden won't prepare itself to accommodate your best outdoor furniture in style.

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