Monty Don says we should prioritise pruning this 'vigorous' garden plant now it's June

If you're wondering what important garden jobs to tackle this month Monty is on hand to share his advice

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Unpredictable seasonal weather can make it difficult to decide which garden chores to prioritise, however, one thing Monty Don says we should definitely be doing this month for future floral success is pruning wisteria.

Wisteria is a timeless garden trend that instantly enlivens any outdoor space with a sense of cottage garden charm. From framing front doors to trailing over arbours this delicate lilac flowering shrub is always a delight but it is a somewhat forceful, vigorous plant that requires regular pruning and training to ensure it stays in check. 

Monty explains why June is ideal for tackling this garden job with aplomb. 

Monty Don's Wisteria pruning advice for June

Despite its popularity, some would say wisteria falls into the category of most common invasive plants due to its vigorous growth, because when it is not maintained it can very quickly get out of hand. But that won't happen on Monty's watch thankfully.

As Monty states on his monthly blog, where he shares his expert gardening knowledge, June is the ideal month to prune wisteria to keep it under control and looking its best.

"Wisteria produces its flowers on new growth, which in turn emerges from spurs off the main shoots," Monty explains. "When they have finished flowering - and for most of us that is around the middle of June – is the best time to prune all this year’s new shoots back to a spur leaving no more than about about 6 inches of growth."

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Similar to how to prune hydrangeas, pruning clematis or pruning roses it always pays to do a general tidy while tending to the job at hand.

"In the process, the whole plant can be tidied, trained and tied in so that there are no loose, trailing shoots."

"If there is any doubt about how hard to prune, err on the side of cutting too lightly and then in the new year, when the foliage has all died back, you can prune again, reducing each side shoot to just 2 or 3 inches."

Once your wisteria is under control why not take inspiration from Monty's compost tip to use the offcuts to start making compost at home to enrich your garden for free?

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