The best weighted blanket sales to shop on Cyber Monday 2023

Save money and sleep better by shopping the best weighted blanket Cyber Monday sales from Luna, Remy, Layla and more

A selection of the weighted blanket Black Friday deals from Echor, Remy and Amazon
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The best weighted blanket Cyber Monday sales offer a chance to pick up these coveted sleeping aids at a great price. With the deals now live for a limited time left as the big shopping weekend draws to a close, there's truly no better time to shop.

Having one of the best weighted blankets can transform your sleep experience in a major way, similar to how the best thin pillow can support a front sleeper. Weighted blankets can feel as cosy as a traditional fleece throw, but they contain weighted balls or pellets, usually made from plastic or glass. Due to this, they're scientifically proven to help you sleep better by reducing stress, anxiety and even pain. Although they are one of the best sleep aids when used correctly, they aren't the most affordable items, costing up to £300.

Fortunately, sleep brands like Layla, Luna, and Remy have slashed prices on their infamous weighted blankets this week for Cyber Monday. No need to scour the internet though, our shopping experts and bedding enthusiasts have made your job easier by rounding up a selection of the best weighted blanket sales live right now. 

Where to shop the best weighted blanket Cyber Monday sales

The best weighted blanket deals right now

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Weighted blankets under 5kg

If this is your first time trying a weighted blanket or you don't want to feel too overwhelmed when using one, you'll probably want to opt for a slightly lighter model. These retailers offer weighted blankets under 5kg that will still hug your body but won't feel too weighty on top of you.

Aeyla Kids All in One Weighted Blanketwas £119now £49 at Aeyla (save £70)

Aeyla Kids All in One Weighted Blanket: was £119 now £49 at Aeyla (save £70)

Kids also deserve a luxury lounge experience, and the Aeyla All in One Kids Weighted Blanket will have them sleeping soundly. With a 50% discount, you can give your child a better night's rest. This weighted blanket comes in standard sizes of 2kg and 3kg, but don't worry, the cover won't be too heavy for your little one.

Blue Oodie Weighted Blanket:was £99now£59.40 at The Oodie (save £39.60) 

Blue Oodie Weighted Blanket: was £99 now £59.40 at The Oodie (save £39.60) 

The Oodie Weighted Blanket is like a full-body hug you didn't know you needed. Its separately sewn pockets are filled with non-toxic glass beads. You can choose from three weight options and two colour choices. Marked initially at £99, you can save almost £40 with this deal. Weighted Blanket: was £99now £45 at (save £54) Weighted Blanket: was £99 now £45 at (save £54)

Sometimes less is more, and proves that with its standard 4.7kg blanket, that's supposed to help you not feel overwhelmed. This blanket comprises glass sand beads that form and hug your body, making it the ultimate cuddle buddy. So if you're looking for the best long distance relationship gifts, this weighted blanket can step in when you're not physically there with them.

ESPA Home Weighted Blanket: was £90now£67.50 at Studio (save £22.50)

ESPA Home Weighted Blanket: was £90 now £67.50 at Studio (save £22.50)

Cotton is a temperature-regulating material that can help you find the balance between staying warm enough to keep the winter chill away and cool enough to be comfortable. At 4.5kg, it's a little lighter than some other options too - making it a great choice for those who prefer more freedom of movement.

Weighted blankets over 5kg

If you want to feel fully weighed down, one of these heavier options will be your best bet. It is recommended that your weighted blanket should be about 10% of your body weight, so keep that in mind when shopping.

The Mela Weighted Blanket: was £139 now £62.30 at Aeyla (save £76.70)

The Mela Weighted Blanket: was £139 now £62.30 at Aeyla (save £76.70)

The anti-rustle glass quartz pellets within this weighted blanket activate deep touch pressure (DTP) for a sleepy, melatonin-inducing effect. It also has a removable double-sided cover with a cooling cotton bottom and a soft, quilted top. Enjoy 55% off the RRP and enjoy a good night's rest. 

Cosi Home Luxury Weighted Blanket: £79.99 £64.99 at Amazon (save £15)

Cosi Home Luxury Weighted Blanket: £79.99 £64.99 at Amazon (save £15)

This luxury 6.8kg 9-layer blanket will serve as a natural cure for insomnia thanks to its evenly-distributed hypoallergenic microbeads. It's also dual-sided (black/blue) so you can match it with the rest of your room decor accordingly.

Remy The Lounger: was £209 now £134 at Remy (save £75)

Remy The Lounger: was £209 now £134 at Remy (save £75)

A stylish knitted throw blanket that still gives you added weight and 'comfiness' without the traditional glass beads filling. Because of its breathability material and weave design, the Remy Lounger is the perfect weighted blanket for spring and summer. 

This blanket comes in five colours, giving you enough options to blend with any bedroom colour scheme. Try the Remy for 100 days risk-free - and return it for a full refund if you're unsatisfied.

Echor Luxe Weighted Blanket:was £109.99now £56.99  at Echor (save £53)

Echor Luxe Weighted Blanket: was £109.99 now £56.99  at Echor (save £53)

It doesn't get any better than a discounted eco-friendly weighted blanket that comes with freebies. The Echor Luxe Weighted Blanket relieves all the stress, tension, and anxiety from your body with its grounding effect and pressure points that induce relaxation. This weighted blanket consists of hypoallergenic glass beads that fill up small compartments throughout the blanket. 

You can currently save £53 off this snug duvet, thanks to a new deal on the blanket, and Echor is also throwing in a pillow spray and sleep mask with each purchase.

Remy Airy Sleeper: was £159 now £119 at Remy (save £40) 

Remy Airy Sleeper: was £159 now £119 at Remy (save £40) 

Are you prone to sleeping hot no matter the season? The cover of the Remy Airy Sleeper is made of 100% bamboo, perfect for wicking away sweat and promoting better airflow. The filling is comprised of non-toxic, eco-friendly microglass beads. Choose from five colours, three sizes and five weights. Many of the best bed sheets are made of bamboo, thanks to the material's hypoallergenic and breathable properties.

Cura Pearl Cotton Weighted Blanket:was £134now £73.34 at Amazon (save £60.66)

Cura Pearl Cotton Weighted Blanket: was £134 now £73.34 at Amazon (save £60.66)

Enjoy a saving of 21% with Cura's hypoallergenic cotton weighted blanket. This Amazon favourite will give you a cooling sleep experience with its moisture-wicking layers and cotton exterior. 

Quility 15lb Weighted Blanket: £51.19 £40.95 at Amazon (save £10.24)

Quility 15lb Weighted Blanket: £51.19 £40.95 at Amazon (save £10.24)
This weighted blanket has seven layers: a 100% cotton layer plus two polyester layers containing millions of micro glass beads. Whether you need a nighttime blanket or a light cover for naps, the Quilty will fill the bill well. The heavier 20lb (9kg) version is also 20% off (now £40.95).

Emma Hug Weighted Blanket: was £278 now £97.30 at Emma (save £180.70)

Emma Hug Weighted Blanket: was £278 now £97.30 at Emma (save £180.70)

As the name suggests, this seven-layer blanket is designed to feel like you're receiving a comfortable, continuous hug. It's now on sale with an impressive 65% off - but no pressure if you're not settling into it right away. Emma Sleep provides a 30-night trial, with a full refund plus a free return if it's not for you, even if you bought the product in one of the Emma mattress sales

Silentnight Weighted Blanket:was £70now £45.15 at Amazon (save £24.85)

Silentnight Weighted Blanket: was £70 now £45.15 at Amazon (save £24.85)

Weighing 6.8kg with a lightweight, breathable cover, the Silentnight Weighted Blanket is another great option. It features glass balls, discreetly and evenly distributed throughout the cover for the secure feeling of a hug, every time you bed down under it. 

Homelife Two Tone Ultra Cosy Teddy 6.8kg Weighted Blanket: was £65now£45 at Studio (save £20)

Homelife Two Tone Ultra Cosy Teddy 6.8kg Weighted Blanket: was £65 now £45 at Studio (save £20)

Teddy is the ultimate winter material, so why not wrap yourself in a teddy-weighted blanket that'll relieve all your anxieties while relaxing your body? Add this 6.8kg blanket to your Christmas wish list, or with a 30% discount, you can give it to a loved one as a therapeutic gift. 

How do you choose a weighted blanket?

When shopping the best weighted blanket sales, there are five things to keep in mind when it comes to choosing the right blanket for you...

  • Weight: A weighted blanket should be 10% of your body weight. So for instance, if you weigh 68kg/150lbs, aim for a blanket that weighs 6.8kg/15lbs. When it comes to purchasing a weighted blanket for couples, it's best to buy a blanket that's 7.5% of the combined body weight of both adults.
  • Size: You can measure a weighted blanket against the size of your mattress. If you sleep on a queen-sized mattress, for example, opt for a weighted blanket that has similar dimensions. It should be large enough to drape over your body without you completely sinking into it.
  • Filling: Two of the most common types of weighted blanket fills are plastic poly pellets and glass microbeads - the latter being the more expensive option of the two. You can also find weighted blankets filled with sand, steel shot beads or even rice. Ultimately, it comes down to which feels best against your skin, as all fills have their pros and cons.
  • Materials: How do you want the outside of the blanket to feel? Several weighted blankets offer double-sided outer covers that are plush on one side and cool to the touch on the other. If you tend to overheat, definitely seek a blanket with a cotton shell (or another breathable material).
  • Trial Period: Some weighted blankets come with risk-free trial periods if you're hesitant to buy one sight unseen. These can be as short as 30 nights or as generous as 200 nights, depending on the brand. It will take some time for your body to adjust to a new weighted blanket so it's a good idea to find one with a trial included. 

Are glass beads better than plastic in weighted blankets?

Frankly speaking, the main advantage plastic pellets have over glass beads is cost. Glass is more expensive than plastic, which is why the cheapest weighted blankets tend to be filled with plastic poly pellets - but glass is a higher quality (and more eco-friendly) option.

Glass microbeads are finer and heavier than plastic poly pellets, which means manufacturers won't have to include as much filling. That'll result in a thinner, less bulky blanket, which is a bonus for hot sleepers or anyone who doesn't like being overly swaddled.

Also, plastic beads can make a weighted blanket lumpy and noisy, which may upset anyone with sensory issues. A weighted blanket with micro glass beads is more suitable for such individuals since they lay more evenly and don't make as much noise when rustled.

Bear in mind that plastic and glass are the two most popular fill options - but they're not the only choices available. Natural fillers like sand or rice can be used, but these can be more difficult to maintain over time. Steel shot beads are a viable alternative to glass since they're larger and more durable, but they're also noisier.

Ultimately, much like finding the best pillow or the best mattress for your sleep needs, the filling you choose for your weighted blanket comes down to how much you're willing to spend and your overall comfort level. 

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