Best weighted blanket Black Friday deals - for a lower anxiety levels and a better night's sleep

Weighted blanket Black Friday deals have landed in abundance - these are the best ones

Best weighted blanket black friday deals
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Weighted blankets could be the key to a better night's sleep all round. 

You know that feeling when you clamber into bed after a long day and there's no better feeling than snuggling down under heavy covers? There's a reason that feels so comforting. 

Weighted blankets have become popular due to their apparent anxiety and stress-relieving properties - so if you're keen to try one out for yourself, these Black Friday weighted blanket deals are a great way to snap one up for a fraction of the price.

How do weighted blankets work? 

The science behind it is more speculative than cold hard facts - but the thinking behind why weighted blankets work makes sense to us. 

Essentially a weighted blanket is like a regular blanket, with more weight (we told you it's not rocket science!) And for us humans, pressure = comfort, thus less stress and anxiety.

Weighted blankets's effectiveness is due to a therapy tool originally pioneered by autism researcher, Temple Grandin, which highlights how pressure stimulation, similar to that of a hug or comforting hand on the shoulder, can release feel-good hormones like serotonin.

Best weighted blanket black Friday deals

These are the best weighted blanket Black Friday deals to snap up today. Give yourself the gift of a calmer bedtime experience and a better night's sleep.

jaymag Weighted Blanket 7kg: £69.99 £47.99 (save £22) | Amazon Get £22 off this jaymag weighted blanket in a double size (which measures 135 x 200cm). Made of 100% cotton, it's a chic grey colour, and is highly rated by customers, with one saying 'Would definitely recommend this product to anyone, particularly those with anxiety. If you wear it standing up, it really does feel like a full body hug.'View Deal

YnM Weighted Blanket for Sleep: £49.99 £39.99 (save £10) | Amazon Save £10 on this weighted blanket from Amazon which measures 152cm x 203cm. Made from cotton, reviewers have said how it is fantastic for ensuring better deep sleep, and for those who have autism. One said, 'The weight is distributed really well throughout the whole blanket and it feels like you are being tucked in. Lovely. Would recommend.' View Deal

5.5 KG / 12 LB Grey Weighted Blanket: £80 £70 (save £10) | Soak and Sleep There's £10 to be saved on this 12lb weighted blanket, which is filled with glass beads, which ensures an even weight distribution, in a breathable cotton casing. View Deal

Gravity® Weighted Blanket: £149 £99.83 (save £49.17) | Gravity Blankets 

If you really want to make an investment in a weighted blanket then this is where to do it. You can customise what type of blanket you want, from whether you want a summer or all-year cover, what size you want and what weight you want. Perfect!View Deal

Bedsure Sherpa Blanket Ash Black Double/Twin Size: £25.99 £14.26 (save £11.73) | Amazon 

Not super weighted but this fluffy reversible option will make the perfect addition to any chic living room. With a selection of colours available you can match it to the decor of your home - and we love being able to choose which texture we want to cuddle into!View Deal

Anjee Kids Weighted Blanket 7lbs: £42.99 £34.39 (save £8.60) | Amazon 

If you're looking for a weighted blanket for your little one or trying to find a Christmas present for any kids in your life, this is a lovely option. Designed to be comfortable for all seasons, it's a worthy investment that any parent would be happy to receive.View Deal

YnM Cooling Duvet Cover for Weighted Blankets: £29.99 £23.99 (save £6) | Amazon

If you want the comforting sensation of a weighted blanket but you're one who gets a sweat on at just the hint of a duvet, then this one is for you. The cooling cover will let you allow the benefit of a weighted blanket without overheating and having to stick your leg out of the side.View Deal

Weighted blankets are lauded for their ability to improve sleep and even to help you sleep deeper.

Some purport that they help to ease anxiety, while other state that they help to relieve stress. 

So will you be trying one out with these Black Friday deals?