Sports To Change Your Shape

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  • Which sport is best to tone certain parts of your body? Coach and fitness expert Sam Murphy gives a guide...

    Looking to take up a new sporty hobby, but don’t know where to start? Tackle your problem areas with a sport tailored for you. 
    We all have our insecurities – but hard work, dedication and a little passion can easily change that. And we all know the power that a a new hobby has – it will boost your wellbeing, and if you choose a sporty one, will help you lose the pounds without even noticing.

    Whatever your weak spot is, there’s a sport to tackle it. From the everyday workout that will give you thighs of steel to the sport you can take up with your other half to whittle your waist, click through to find your newest figure fixer…
    Go for golf

    To whittle waists
    Why? Golf is great for building core strength, trimming the waist and toning arms and legs.
    Tips Head to a driving range to master your swing.carry or pull your own bag to burn more calories.
    Body bonus It’s excellent for strengthening the trunk, plus hours spent in the fresh air in a beautiful setting is a good stress buster.
    Watch out for Straining the lower back. Learn the correct posture from a coach. As gold is asymmetrical, stretch and strengthen the other side of the body too, to prevent imbalances. 
    Get started See for beginners’ courses and taster days.
    Also consider Kayaking and beach volleyball.

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