Outdoor Fitness : Top 10 Ideas

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  • Make the most of summer with our pick of top 10 outdoor fitness ideas

    Hate the thought of returning to that stuffy indoor gym to spend another torturous hour on the treadmill? Breathe some fresh air into your exercise plan by taking your workout outside with these outdoor fitness options.

    From boot camp fitness classes to kayaking, we’ve rounded up the best outdoor fitness exercises to help you get fit and make the most of the British summertime. Embrace the longer, lighter evenings and build yourself an outdoor fitness regime that’ll get your body ready for the beach…

    Extensive research has been conducted into the benefits of outdoor exercise. And, unsurprisingly, it has shown that it is hugely beneficial to our wellbeing and mental as well as physical health. Just five minutes of exercise outdoors can improve happiness and significantly reduce stress levels. Not only that, but you are actually more likely to repeat an outdoor exercise session rather than an indoor gym routine.

These outdoor fitness ideas will help you make the most of the longer days and the warmer weather. With so many workouts to choose from there’s no excuse not to give it a go. 

Fun and efficient, these outdoor fitness ideas are guaranteed to help you tone up and burn off those extra calories before the holidays- no walls needed. 

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