How to Bounce Back When You’ve Eaten Too Much

Eaten too much? Get the scoop on the healthy way to recover from overeating.

Eaten too much? It happens to the best of us. You start the weekend with the best intentions to stick to your diet, instead you’ve eaten too much. Then Friday night happens. Drinks and canapés span several hours followed on Saturday night with a dinner party where – oops, you definitely didn’t mean to have seconds for dessert. All of a sudden it’s Sunday and it’d be a shame to miss that Sunday roast, followed by crisps and a film on the sofa. And here you are on Monday trying to figure out how to get back on track.

But take heart, eating too much isn’t enough to derail your diet. The key to staying on track after a heavy weekend of overeating is not to beat yourself up over it and simply move forward. Your daily habits have more of an impact than a day or two off your diet.

For the best strategy to bounce back after eating too much over the weekend, we asked nutritionist and food psychotherapist Mary Strugar for her top tips…

First of all – don’t feel guilty about overeating! “I always think guilt is overrated,” says Mary. “If we make an eating plan that we don’t think we can stick to, we probably just build resistance that may lead to a bad relationship with food over time. We all have experience of someone telling us to do something and our internal answer is ‘no, I am not doing that’. However, if you make a plan for the next five days that you think is manageable and gently request to yourself that you do it you may find it easier,” she says.

Keep reading for more of Mary’s top tips for recovering after a food heavy weekend, plus the seven-day eating plan that will help you get back on track.

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