Ditch The Scales And Use Lorraine Kelly's Tip For Maintaining Your Weight Instead


Often we're told that the 'scales never lie' but after doing a bit of research we found that, that isn't strictly true. Ever stepped onto the scales several times in the same day only to be met with a variety of different numbers, several pounds apart? Or deprived yourself all week only to see the same number from day 1 starring right back at you on day 7? Nutritionist, Cynthia Sass told health.com this problem is all too familiar and can derail weight loss journeys before they have properly begun. She lists the main reasons for the discrepancies as 'fluctuating muscle mass, bone tissue, water weight (which can change wildly), undigested food and waste that your body hasn't eliminated yet', and in all fairness, unless you are sourcing your bathroom scales from NASA they can't possibly measure all that. Which is why Lorraine Kelly refuses to use them and instead relies solely on a pair of trousers she's had for ages to gauge her weight. If they fit, wonderful! But, if they feel a little snug she'll resolve to do something about it.

Cynthia Sass praises this method. 'If you loathe the scale, remove it from your world.' But, 'if you're steadily growing out of your clothes, take a deep breath and look at what's happening (have you been going out to dinner or drinking more often, stress eating, or mindlessly munching?). If so, the solution lies in raising your awareness and taking action, not in obsessing over a number.'